Archadeck of Central GA Helps These Repeat Customers Enhance Their "Forever Home"

At Archadeck of Central GA we love our repeat customers! The relationships we forge with our clients over the years, sometimes adding multiple projects, make us feel like part of their family. One of our recent projects serves as the perfect example of how our clients put their trust in us, and use us even when moving into another home.


These repeat clients just downsized into what they fondly call their forever home within the Eagles Landing neighborhood in Centerville, GA. When it was time to begin to enhance their outdoor spaces to their forever backyard, of course, they called on their friends at Archadeck of Central GA!

Part of the ambiance the new home offers is that it is located right on the neighborhood’s lake. When the home was purchased it had an existing dock that sat right over the water in their backyard, however, the homeowners wanted to upgrade the cantilevered dock to better serve their needs.

Upon inspection of the existing structure, we noticed that the joists were loose in the back because there were no joist hangers holding these in place. Archadeck got to work making the dock structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing to boot! After all the structural components were put in place we then stripped the existing decking to make way for an upgrade to low-maintenance decking material.


Archadeck of Central GA used beautiful Fiberon Good Life composite decking in the color Escapes Beach House for the upgrade. Not only will this decking resist splintering, cracking and decay, it also easy to clean. The three-sided capped construction also resists staining and fading, making it perfect for waterfront designs. In addition to the new composite decking, we also redid the bench seating on the dock and upgraded the wood railing to match and added a matching Fiberon cap.

We think it only fitting that the clients chose to go with a decking board named Good Life as that is what they deserve to be living in their new forever home and forever backyard!

Are you ready to start living the good life in your backyard? As your trusted deck and porch builder since 1991, look to us to design and build the outdoor space you have always wanted! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck of Central GA Proves 3-Times is the Charm for This Lovely Macon Deck

This story begins back in 1992 when Archadeck of Central GA built this stunning deck addition for these homeowners. The location of this project is in Macon close to the Rivoli Downs area of town. Back in 92’ when we originally built the deck it was for the Annual Parade of Homes event as this home was one of the featured properties.


Archadeck of Central GA returned to the property in 1996 to add a lower section to the deck where the homeowners had added a fountain.

When we were contacted by these gracious homeowners again just this year (2020), the deck was in need of a few updates. Given the age of the deck, some of the decking boards and lattice around the bottom of the deck was showing signs of wear and needed to be replaced. Additionally, the homeowners also wanted to update the existing Chippendale railing. The railing was on-trend when the deck was built, however, over time they felt like a new rail would help freshen up their beloved deck.

Since the substructure of the deck was structurally sound, Archadeck of Central GA only needed to update the decking, lattice and railing to make it look like new again! The homeowners were still very happy with the original shape of the deck, so we left the spatial area alone.


We redecked using low-maintenance TimberTech PRO Reserve decking in Antique Leather. We also rebuilt the built-in planters using the same decking. The railing was renewed using our traditional rail — with the exception of the area where the Wisteria is, we left that alone as to not obstruct its foliage and keep it looking lush. Along with the redecking and railing update, we also changed out a small area from a railing to stairs to open up the view to the landscape and surrounding ponds. We even added a new bench to one side to give them a vantage point to soak in the beauty of the property around them!


The only area where any structural change had to be made was where a tree root had lifted some of the decking underneath. The joists in this area were in good shape, so only minimal reframing was required.


As the Macon area’s most trusted deck builder, these clients know we are only a phone call away. This project is proof of the importance of choosing a professional. There is a difference between Archadeck and other local deck builders, and we call it “the Archadeck difference.” Archadeck of Central GA is a professional deck design and build company. To us, the process of designing a high-quality deck that stands the test of time is as important as building it.

Being 3-time return customers really speaks volumes about our longevity and consistency with our clients — not to mention their satisfaction! Is your older deck ready for a refreshing redeck or deck replacement? Whether you’re looking to resurface with wood or low-maintenance composite or synthetic decking, Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck Refreshes Warner Robins Deck We Built 20 Years Ago

At Archadeck of Central Georgia, our repeat customers tell two kinds of stories. The first story goes like this: We love the deck you built for us so much, we want you to build our new screened porch, too! Of course, it could be a patio or a front porch or an outdoor kitchen. The project type isn’t as important as the simple fact that they liked our work enough to invite us back for another project. In the second story, our client calls us to come back and replace a deck we built for them 20 years ago. We love that!


The project featured here falls into the second category. We built a deck of pressure-treated pine for these Warner Robins homeowners 20 years ago. They loved it! They loved it for 20 years! Even better, they kept up with routine wood deck maintenance over the years, so their deck always looked good. While regular maintenance does extend the life of your wood deck, these decks typically need to be replaced after about 15 or 20 years. Nothing can completely protect a pressure-treated wood deck from the effects of Mother Nature over time.

Archadeck is Warner Robins’ Redecking Specialist

The good news for our Warner Robins clients was that we were able to “redeck” instead of having to replace their deck completely. Redecking is a cost-saver for homeowners, because it means the deck’s substructure is still sound and can be used again. With redecking, we replace the deck’s surface boards, and often we replace the railing and steps as well. Redecking saves money on materials and on the labor it would take to build a new support structure from scratch.


Because building codes can change over the years, we always examine a deck’s substructure to make sure it meets the current building code before redecking. If we need to add joists to bring it up to code, that’s not a problem.

New Decade, New Decking Materials!

Redecking and deck replacement both offer our clients the opportunity to select new materials for their deck surface. Replacing wood decking boards with pressure-treated wood again is one of your options if you especially love the look and feel of natural wood. Our Warner Robins clients, like many homeowners these days, opted for low-maintenance decking this time around. Specifically, they selected Fiberon Paramount PVC decking in the Brownstone color.


As you can see in these photos, our clients have a swimming pool, and their deck extends almost to the pool’s edge. Fiberon Paramount decking is great in this setting because of its slip resistance. Also, these PVC decking boards are wood free, so they are not susceptible to mold growth or damage from moisture.

We designed the new deck surface to include a stunning border. For the border, the clients chose decking from AZEK’s Arbor Collection in Brazilian Walnut. Like Fiberon Paramount, AZEK boards are made from PVC and won’t fall prey to water damage. The Brazilian Walnut color of the border draws out some of the darker streaks in the deck’s surface. It’s the perfect accent color for this deck.


We also used the same AZEK boards for a new rail cap added to the existing wood railing and for the deck’s fascia, at the homeowner’s request. Just one of the many details you’ll find on the decks and other outdoor structures Archadeck of Central Georgia custom designs and builds with care.

Is your older deck ready for a refreshing redeck or deck replacement? Whether you’re looking to resurface with wood or low-maintenance composite or synthetic decking, Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

New Outdoor Smoker and Grill Station In The Prado

When Archadeck of Central GA says we cater to all things outdoor living, we mean it. Along with designing and building the area’s premier decks, porches and patios, we also create amazing outdoor kitchens and outdoor cooking structures. Our recent custom outdoor smoker and grill station project in The Prado proves we know what it takes to get cooking outdoors!


When this Macon homeowner contacted Archadeck, he was seeking an upgrade for his existing outdoor grilling and smoking areas. His existing structure only had room for his Big Green Egg smoker and he wanted to add a grill. The goal was to incorporate these two outdoor cooking mediums in a stylish way under the protection of the existing patio cover.

— Before

Archadeck of Central GA came up with a snazzy solution! We built a custom cooking station where both elements could be house comfortably. The smoker and grill station is built was constructed using a concrete block system. We then added a stacked stone facade using Dutch Quality dry stack stone. This product is a super-efficient option that gives you the look of intricately stacked natural stone. Then the structure was topped off with a granite countertop — flawless!

— After

The client is elated with the way the station turned out! He now has a protected space to churn out his backyard masterpieces even if Mother Nature has other plans. Dining al fresco for these homeowners in The Prado just got easier and more enjoyable with a little help from Archadeck!

Are you looking for ways to make your outdoor living space more accommodating? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

FUNctional Above Ground Pool Deck in Macon GA

These Macon Georgia homeowners were ready for an above ground pool deck to for function, but Archadeck of Central Georgia provided a deck with form to boot.

On the second year of owning their backyard pool, these clients decided it was time for a new deck. With a large, sloping backyard space, they decided an above-ground pool to be the most sensible option for cooling off at home. Of course, pools that are in the ground are more accessible by default, but Archadeck of Central GA provided all the accessibility they could ask for with a custom composite deck.

— This Macon, GA, pool deck is form and FUNction!

Fiberon composite deck design

This Macon GA pool deck was constructed with Fiberon Good Life Escapes decking in Tuscan Villa finish. Composite decking makes a great pool deck, because it is inherently water-resistant and low maintenance. Also, unlike wood, Fiberon Decking won’t splinter or crack, making the floor safer for bare feet. Forget yearly deck maintenance – this pool deck is all about enjoyment!

— Composite above-ground pool deck in Macon, GA.

Archadeck of Central GA created a hybrid railing design for this deck, using a fascia-mounted pressure-treated wood frame with a matching Fiberon decking top cap. Composite railing caps are great because they do not crack or splinter – no finger splinters touching this rail cap!

— Wood and composite deck railing.

This custom pool deck is large enough to accommodate multiple lounge chairs, plus a 42” round-top table. Even though the deck does not enclose the entire pool, it is highly functional, giving the family all the usability they intended.

— Custom composite pool deck in Macon, GA.

In addition to the pool deck, Archadeck of Central GA re-finished an existing deck on back of the home. We reconfigured their elevated deck to eliminate an unusable stair that landed in the middle of their ground-level patio. In doing so, we gave them more usable space on the deck and on the patio beneath, in which they could fit two additional tables and chairs. The deck on back of the home as finished in Fiberon composite decking to match the pool deck. This project wasn’t just about making their pool area more usable – we made their entire backyard more usable!

Take a look at the difference a new deck made!

No more laying pool toys and towels far away from the pool. This backyard pool has an all-new purpose!

— Before pool deck.

Are you looking for ways to make your outdoor living spaces more accommodating? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Screened Porch, Deck Combo: Outdoor Bliss in Macon’s River North Neighborhood

How do you transform your outdoor living space from “I don’t even want to go out there!” to pure bliss? These homeowners in Macon’s River North neighborhood had the right idea. First, they called Archadeck of Central Georgia for a design consultation. They knew they needed a shaded retreat at their home. They also wanted to elevate their outdoor retreat from ground level to house level. Now, the breeze comes to them. All they have to do is open the door and step out to their new screened porch and deck combination. They are loving it!


Your Macon GA Screened Porch and Deck Designer

The River North subdivision in Macon, GA, is a beautiful setting for a tranquil backyard retreat. The homeowners whose project you see here were ready to re-imagine theirs. They had settled for a concrete patio for too long, and it was time for an upgrade. As we talked with them about what they had in mind, two concerns were clear. First, they needed a roof overhead for shade so they could enjoy sitting outdoors on warmer days. Their patio was just too hot! Second, they didn’t like having to navigate the steps at their back door.

— Before

Screened Porch or Open Porch?

When you think of a porch with a roof over it, many homeowners automatically think of a screened porch. Keep in mind, an open porch is an option, too. Both kinds of porches provide an equal amount of shade, and because they each have a ceiling overhead, they both accommodate ceiling fans. Our clients chose a screened porch for the added benefit of protection from pesky insects.

Archadeck of Central GA Can Bring the Porch Up to You!

To reach their existing patio, the homeowners had to walk down about five brick steps. This was a problem. Mobility was becoming an issue as they found their back steps harder to navigate with each passing year. The good news is that we were able to design a back porch level with their back door. Of course, we included steps in the new design so they could get out to the back yard if necessary. But for the sheer enjoyment of sitting outdoors, they don’t need to walk down any steps.

Screened Porch + Deck, the Best of Both Worlds


When you swap an unsheltered patio for a screened porch, the tradeoff is that you will always have shade. What about those cooler days when there’s nothing better than sitting outside and soaking up the warmth of the sun? To have it both ways, the solution here in Macon, GA, is a deck and screened porch combination. We designed the deck on the same level with the screened porch, again eliminating the need to travel down any steps. With a grill on the deck, the homeowners have the option of eating outside on the deck or the screened-in porch.

Custom-Designed Outdoor Solution by Archadeck of Central GA

The design details of this outdoor project were based entirely on the needs and desires of these clients. Like all of the projects we design and build, this one was custom made for the way the homeowners want to enjoy the outdoors. The clients made their own design decisions regarding the size of their project and the materials used. They chose pressure-treated pine for the screened porch, including the porch floor, and the deck and railings.


Instead of removing the patio, we were able to cut footings in the concrete and build the deck and porch right over it. We only removed the original handrail and the top step. The concrete makes a great foundation for the new structures. It’s a clean surface for the homeowners to use as storage underneath for garden supplies, etc.


Are you ready to talk about a new screened porch or deck design for your Macon or Warner Robins-area home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! We offer “virtual design consultations” with video conferencing to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Get On Our Schedule Now, Before The Season Passes You By!

Getting started with a new outdoor living project now, instead of later, could be just what you need to feel grounded during these unique times. It’s something positive you can control simply by making a phone call to set up a design consultation with Archadeck of Central GA. If you’re like many homeowners, spending more time at home now has made you more aware of the need for more outdoor living space. This is the best time to follow through and get the ball rolling on that new or improved backyard retreat you have been yearning for!


Many homeowners have taken a wait-and-see approach. They’ve canceled vacations, business trips, and birthday parties. Both during 9-11 and the Great Recession, we saw demand slow for a short period and then explode as everyone realized this was not Armageddon. Those who waited, unfortunately, saw longer delays in starting and slightly higher prices as they were on the wrong side of the curve

As Your Central GA Deck Builder, We Want to Build Your Deck in 2020!


In our business of designing and building outdoor living structures, we anticipate we’ll see a bigger-than-usual surge of homeowners wanting to get started sometime this summer. There’s definitely pent up demand out there as homeowners are postponing their outdoor living space projects. Without the proverbial crystal ball, we can’t predict exactly when the floodgates will open. What we do know is that we cannot build everyone’s projects at once!


Those homeowners who contact us sooner are the ones who’ll have a greater likelihood of completing their project this year. The sooner we connect and talk about designing the backyard space you have in mind, the sooner we can add your project to our construction calendar. As you’re probably aware, we need time to create and finalize your project design and order materials. Depending on your project, we may need to obtain permits and HOA approval. Each step in the process takes time. Moving ahead now brings you that much closer to the goal: enjoying your new backyard retreat, one that’s custom-built to your specifications.


At some point, likely sooner than later, we’re going to see a backlog of projects as our calendar fills up. While most reputable contractors have a backlog during the busy seasons, we feel the situation will be more extreme this year. We’re giving you a gentle nudge now because we don’t want your deck, porch, or your screened porch project to be delayed. Clients who don’t act soon may find themselves waiting until 2021 to see their projects completed.


If you’ve had to cancel a vacation this spring or summer, can you use your time at home to recharge? Sure you can! Think of how much you’ll enjoy having a “staycation-worthy” outdoor living space in your back yard. We can design and build the perfect private retreat at your home. Don’t be surprised if you decide to vacation at home again next year, as well!

Archadeck of Central GA is now taking appointments and giving clients the option of a virtual design consultation. We’re using video conferencing for meetings and electronic signatures for contracts as an option for our valued clients.

Make 2020 the year you leap from dreaming about it to making it happen!

Archadeck of Central GA is your local premier designer and builder of beautiful, high-quality outdoor living spaces. If you are interested in learning how we can design the perfect outdoor living space for your home, call us today at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck Builds for a Baker and Receives Sweet Treat as Thanks!

Even a commercial construction project manager knows if you want the best Macon GA deck and screened porch, have Archadeck of Central GA build them for you. These homeowners in the Rivoli area of Macon had just moved to town, purchased their home, and set out to do some remodeling. For their elevated screened porch and deck, they turned to Archadeck.


For Macon GA Decks and Porches Done Right, Call Archadeck of Central GA

— Area before we added the screened porch.

This homeowner knows his way around a commercial construction site, but residential screened porches and decks were a bit outside his area of expertise. Could he build a deck and screened porch? Of course! Would they be as lovely and inviting as these outdoor living spaces custom designed and built by Archadeck? Probably not! But, as a professional, he knew when to call in another professional.


The clients chose pressure-treated pine throughout their elevated deck and screened porch combination. They wanted to retain the concrete area below, so we didn’t demolish it. Instead, we were able to engineer a design that included the concrete base and actually used it for support of the new structures overhead. We also used the existing concrete sidewalk for the deck’s stair landing.

Custom Screened Porch Design Aesthetics for the Win!

As you can see, this is a fairly standard screened porch, but the individual custom design elements add up to make it perfect for this home.


  • We designed the porch roof with a 2-ft. overhang to match home’s roof.
  • We extended the porch roof beams out to the end of the overhang—again, to match the design of the home’s roof.
  • The porch’s gable roof style mirrors the home’s gable roof. While the pitch of the two roofs is not precisely the same, they are complementary. The eye recognizes their similarity when you gaze at them.

Also, to give the porch’s open-rafter interior a beefier look and feel, we used 4×6’ rafters instead of 2×6’, which is the norm.

Our Reward: Archadeck Cookies!

We mentioned that the husband handled the home’s remodeling projects, apart from the deck and porch addition. What we haven’t told you is that the wife is a professional baker. Among their remodeling projects, they are adding a bakery onto the home.


As a “thank you” for a job well done, the baker presented our crew with these beautiful Archadeck cookies—almost too beautiful to eat! We did eat them, however, and they were delicious. The lemon icing was incredible! We will definitely be ordering these special treats for some of our clients. We want to give a HUGE thanks to 1 Busy Baker. We highly recommend her treats!

Are you ready to discuss a new deck design and/or screened porch design for your Macon or Warner Robins-area home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! We offer “virtual design consultations” with video conferencing to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Macon GA’s Barrington Hall Homeowners Love Their New Deck Replacement

At some point, your deck made of pressure-treated pine will need to be replaced. In this case, it seems like Mother Nature took control of the situation and told these homeowners, “You WILL replace your old wooden deck. You will do it NOW.” Who could argue with that?


At Archadeck of Central GA, we tell clients to expect a pressure-treated wood deck to have a life span of about 15-20 years if well maintained. We understand that many homeowners have good intentions of maintaining their wood deck properly, but it doesn’t always happen. Sanding and staining a deck every year or two can be a huge chore. Wood deck maintenance can slow the deterioration of the wood itself and keep your deck looking beautiful. Without maintenance, the wood will deteriorate.

— Before, the deck was in a state of decay.

Given that information, it’s amazing that this deck lasted 20 years. These clients in Macon GA’s Barrington Hall subdivision had been thinking about redoing their deck for a couple of years. They knew the end was near. They even contacted Archadeck of Central Georgia two years ago about the job. But they weren’t quite ready.

— Before deck replacement.

When Mother Nature took control and the deck began to fail, the homeowners contacted us again. It was time.

Redecking is Not Always an Option

— After deck replacement

The clients were hoping we could use the deck’s original support structure and redeck the surface with new decking boards, railings, and stairs. We like being able to offer that cost-saving option, but in this case it was not possible. Only about one-third of the original framing was salvageable. The rest of the deck’s substructure had to be rebuilt from the ground up, including new beams and a new edge band.

Note: If you’re interested in redecking instead of replacing your deck, we can inspect your deck’s substructure and let you know if that’s an option for you.

Not Every Deck Replacement Needs To Be Bigger!

Many Macon and Warner Robins homeowners want a bigger deck or want to move the stairs to another side, etc. If you liked the size of your original deck just the way it was, however, there is no need to change it. Archadeck of Central GA will not try to upsell you on a bigger deck. When we replace a deck, we listen to our clients. If the homeowner wants to keep the deck the same size, we build the new deck with the same footprint the old deck had.

In the case of this Barrington Hall deck rebuild, we kept almost the same design footprint for the new deck. Our only change to the shape was squaring off a corner of the deck that had previously been designed on a 45-degree angle.

Your Barrington Hall, Macon GA, Composite Deck Builder


These clients were ready to make the leap from pressure-treated wood to low-maintenance composite decking. Specifically, they chose Fiberon Good Life decking in the Bungalow color from Fiberon’s “Escapes” collection. This line of decking has a 30-year Stain, Fade and Performance warranty. The thought of sanding and staining a deck will never need to enter these homeowners’ minds.


This home’s deck railings were due for an update as well. For the new deck, we built a wood railing with iron pickets from Fortress Railing. The see-through aspect of this new deck railing is not only a fantastic update, it will also make the deck more enjoyable. The black iron pickets practically disappear when you look through them, giving the homeowners a better view from the deck. The rail cap is made of the same low-maintenance Fiberon composite decking boards we used for the deck’s surface.


Finally, we added a custom safety feature here that the original deck did not have: a 5-ft. gate at the top of the deck stairs. The homeowners requested the gate with their grandchildren and dog in mind.

We also relocated an existing gas line as part of the project.

Note: We are currently conducting our free design consultations with video conferencing! If you are not familiar with this technology, don’t worry, we can walk you through it.

Are you ready to rebuild or replace the deck at your central Georgia home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help, so get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Bigger Deck Gives Gray, GA, Homeowners the “Deck Lifestyle” They Wanted

At Archadeck of Central GA, we absolutely love creating outdoor living spaces to enhance the way our clients enjoy their leisure time at home. That’s really why we’re in this business. Whether it’s a new deck, redecking, screened porch or paver patio and hardscapes, if you want it, we can custom design it and build it for you.

When You Have a Deck, but Not the Deck You Want …

When you need a bigger deck, you really need a bigger deck. There is only so much you can do with a deck that’s too small, especially if it’s poorly designed like this one was.

— Before:

The homeowners were not happy with their builder-grade deck. It was too small for more than a table and a couple of chairs, and they needed space for their grill. Worse, it was poorly designed without a stair landing. And worse again, the back of the home’s indoor fireplace bumped out to the deck, encroaching on deck space, too.

Your Gray, GA, Bigger and Better Deck Builder

Archadeck of Central GA came in and redesigned the space with a new-and-improved deck that offers more room in a better design. Not only is the new deck bigger in terms of square footage, the clients now have a legitimate stair landing for increased safety. It looks better, too!


We built this custom deck with low-maintenance Fiberon Good Life decking in their color called “bungalow.” We added a wood railing with Fortress square metal balusters in black. Not only are these balusters unique, but in black they actually seem to increase your visibility as you look out over the yard.


The matching black iron gate, also from Fortress, is a safety feature on the new stair landing. The homeowners have children who will enjoy playing outdoors on this bigger deck.

Since the deck is 10 feet off the ground, the clients wanted to take advantage of the potential for under-deck storage space. We installed a metal corrugated roof under the deck to provide a sheltered 12 × 12 storage area for their lawn mower and trailer.

New Deck Installation Allows for Additional Repairs

Wood around the bottom of the fireplace had been getting wet and rotting from the fireplace cap. Because the deck was attached to the back of the fireplace on the outside, the clients had not been able to have the rotting wood replaced. Archadeck of Central Georgia can handle these repairs, and it’s not unusual for us to address additional issues at a home while adding a deck. In this case, when we removed the old deck we were able to repair this rot and add new flashing to the area.

— Shown here: original deck improperly attached to fireplace.

Needless to say, the new deck design did NOT include attaching the deck to the home’s cantilever, which is how the old deck had been attached. The new deck is structurally sound and will not damage the home like the old one could have.

Are you ready to discuss a bigger and better deck design for your central Georgia home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Small Macon porch transformed to screened porch and deck

Archadeck of Central Georgia met with these Macon clients, who reside in Shirley Hills. The came to us with a couple of common problems. Their porch was too small and was also beyond its lifespan.

Archadeck of Central Georgia got to work to design a more usable outdoor living solution for these Nottingham Drive homeowners. We accomplished their ideal outdoor living area by way of screening in their porch and adding a brand new deck.

— Screened porch and deck in Macon, GA.

Call on us to be your Macon GA deck builder!

As mentioned above, the existing outdoor living space for this home was but a lowly covered porch and stair. Small porches can serve a perfunctory purpose for simply having a space to sit privately outdoors, but these clients were looking for better use of their backyard area.

— Small Macon GA porch before.

Archadeck of Central Georgia screened in the existing back porch with aluminum screen walls, creating a protected area, which will keep pests at bay. In addition to enclosing the porch, we added Fiberon composite flooring to match the new decking. In order to achieve this, we first installed sleepers on top of the concrete porch floor.

— Macon GA screened porch with Fiberon composite flooring.

We created a bay-shaped deck with an all pressure-treated wood frame. What’s on top of the wood deck frame is Fiberon Good Life decking in Bungalow finish.

— Fiberon composite deck in Macon GA.

We used a standard pressure-treated deck railing with matching Fiberon composite top cap. This means no splinters in fingers when you run your hand across the top of the railing, and that’s not a bad thing!

See this deck in Shirley Hills > Macon Fiberon Deck

— Macon GA screened porch and composite deck.

Archadeck of Central Georgia was able to work with these homeowners to allow for the house to be painted during our project. We arrived ahead of the painters to take out the existing stairs and the other elements of the porch, which were to be demolished. Once the house was painted, we returned to add on the new screens, flooring, and Fiberon deck. If you are having work done in or around your home, we can accommodate scheduling and coordination between trades!

Are you ready to discuss a brand outdoor living design for your Macon GA home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Low-Maintenance Redecking Refreshes Wraparound Deck in Jones County, GA

It’s true that you never know what you’re going to get until you “bite” into it. The quote from Forrest Gump about life being like a box of chocolates describes our experience with this Gray, GA, redecking project. It also illustrates how Archadeck of Central Georgia can handle whatever we find when we remove your old deck.


These homeowners in Jones County, GA, chose Archadeck of Central GA for their redecking project, and it was a big one. At over 1,000 sq. ft. and wrapping around the entire house, this deck is one of the larger ones we’ve worked on.

What is Redecking?

Redecking is a cost-effective way to refresh your deck with a new surface. Redecking projects usually include new stairs and railings as well. Not all decks are candidates for redecking, though, so if you’re considering this option, we’ll need to inspect the framing under your deck.


The wooden support structure under a deck is not exposed to the elements—especially the sun’s UV rays—so sometimes these structures can be reused. The substructure usually doesn’t deteriorate the way a wood deck surface will, over time. Whether you want to redeck with wood or low-maintenance composite decking, Archadeck of Central Georgia is the redecking specialist for Macon, Warner Robins, and the surrounding area.

Archadeck of Central GA Takes Surprises in Stride


This Gray, GA, redecking project is not the first time we’ve encountered unexpected issues when a project was already underway. In this case, we had inspected the deck’s support structure and determined that it was still sound. Making sure it’s still capable of supporting a new deck surface, railings, and stairs is a decision we don’t take lightly.

With about 80% of the redecking work completed, we discovered that the foundation under the front of the house was dropping. We alerted the homeowner, and they had a foundation company come in and fix the foundation issues. Once these issues were rectified, we were able to complete the redecking job.

Homeowner’s Decision: Wood Decking or Low-Maintenance Composites?

For their redecking project, the homeowners selected Fiberon Good Life composite decking in the Bungalow color. While they like wood decking, they were ready to make the switch to low-maintenance composite decking boards. Like many homeowners, the prospect of never again needing to sand, paint or stain a wood deck appealed to them. It was time.


As a compromise, perhaps, they selected pressure-treated wood for their deck railing. The front of the house didn’t require railing because the deck there is low-to-grade. The slope of the lot, though, meant that the deck needed a railing around the other three sides of the house. You’ve got to love a wraparound deck!

Did you notice the gate we installed on the deck, along the side, about halfway between the front and back of the home? That’s to keep the homeowners’ dogs inside the portion of the deck that has railings. Good idea!

Are you ready to discuss a new deck design or redecking project for your Central Georgia home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

This private deck in Perry GA gets a much-needed facelift

Archadeck of Central Georgia often services clients, who have existing decks, which require replacing or improving in some manner. With aging wood decks, especially, we are tasked with replacing with low-maintenance materials. This wood deck not only got a low-maintenance solution, but one that was necessary for its orientation.

These Perry GA homeowners have lived in their home for 15 years, and the deck was already there when they purchased the home. Originally, this wood deck with surrounding privacy wall was utilized as a private-entry hot tub area, which connects to the master bathroom. Our clients nixed the hot tub but wanted to keep this great area for private use. For continued use, however, upgrades were needed.

— Existing wood deck and privacy wall in Perry, GA.

We want to be your Perry GA deck builder!

These clients wanted to keep the same footprint for their expansive private deck. But for one small area, where there were three steps before, which we replaced with a new wood privacy wall, the deck maintains its original shape. The existing deck was difficult to use due to its wood construction, built so close to the ground. It was built similar to a pallet, sat atop the ground, which made it uneven. Archadeck of Central GA replaced the wood decking boards with PVC decking by Fiberon.

— New Fiberon deck and stair and new wood privacy wall.

Due to the low-height of the deck, Fiberon Paramount® PVC Decking was our first choice for the new decking material. Not only is this Fiberon deck durable and low-maintenance, but it is also highly mold-resistant. It’s the perfect decking choice when decks are exposed to ground moisture, which might otherwise promote mold growth or warping of natural wood. Fiberon Paramount decking is also suited for pool sides or marine environments, such as docks or marinas.

— Fiberon Paramount PVC deck by Archadeck of Central GA.

The deck color the homeowners selected is Sandstone, a naturally grayed hue, which will perfectly match the natural-aged color of the wood privacy wall and deck and stair framing over time. This new deck is now the perfect spot of respite for these homeowners. It’s expansive and can be staged for many different types of relaxation. Lounge chairs, a private café table for tea or coffee in the morning, or any other outdoor living accoutrement will be well-suited for use in this beautiful private space!

Are you ready to discuss a brand new deck design for your Central Georgia home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck of Central GA Breathes New Life Into This Spacious Monroe County Deck!

As our feature story for this week’s blog, Archadeck of Central GA takes you to a backyard in Monroe County, just outside the Macon city limits.


A 1970’s deck…

The story begins like many of our deck projects do — with an aging wooden deck that had seen better days, and homeowners with the desire to bring their outdoor living space to its full potential. This project was a little unique, in that the existing deck looked original to the home dating it’s original construction sometime in the 1970s — pretty groovy, huh?

The customers really wanted to retain the size of the original deck, but with an updated appeal. They longed for a deck that was low-maintenance and high-aesthetic. In order to fulfill their wishes, Archadeck of Central GA suggested redecking. Redecking, also sometimes called deck resurfacing, involves using your deck’s existing substructure and installing new decking boards, and/or railings, in order to renew the deck.


If the substructure (the base that the deck is built on) is in good shape, you may be able to save money and time by redecking. The key elements we look at during a redecking evaluation are the quality of the original substructure and how it has weathered or degraded over time. We also determine if any applicable building codes have changed since your deck was originally installed.

During this project, however, the age of the original deck brought many issues to light. This included the lack of blocking in the original installation and joists that were resting atop the brick latticework of the space.

A modern update was needed

To bring this deck into the 21st century, Archadeck of Central GA had to install a new deck band across the front of the deck, and a new beam since the deck was cantilevered, among other structural upgrades. In order to safely complete these upgrades, we had to install a temporary beam.


Once the structural amendments were completed, we then redecked the deck floor with low-maintenance Fiberon Good Life decking in Beach house multi-chromatic. We also installed an all new Fortress railing with square, black pickets and finished it off with a Fiberon rail cap.


Fiberon Good Life Decking delivers the low-maintenance benefits of a composite at a price that’s closer to wood. This product is capped on three sides with a tough protective finish, which resists staining and fading. And with its solid composite construction, these Monroe County homeowners can say goodbye to rotting, warping, splintering boards, too.

Are you ready to discuss bringing your aging deck into the 21st century? Archadeck of Central GA is here to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

An Aging Macon Deck, Totally Renewed

Many understand the importance of hiring Archadeck of Central GA as their deck builder for today, but years from now could be where it really counts!

This wood deck was built in the 1990’s by Archadeck. When it came time for the deck to receive an update, these homeowners got in touch with us. The great thing about this aging deck, whose decking boards and railing were in need of replacing, is that the deck structure was still sound. This made what could have been a deck re-build, a deck facelift of sorts. So, what did we do to breathe new life into this deck?

—This Macon wood deck was built by Archadeck in the 1990’s.

Are you looking for a tried and trusted Macon deck builder?

Since the structural components of this Macon deck were in great shape, we were able to save the joists and post supports. These homeowners chose to re-deck with Fiberon Good Life decking in Bungalow, a multi-tonal wood-look finish. We replaced the entire deck stair, moving it slightly from its original position. The stair and deck railing were created using a pressure-treated wood frame and pickets, with a Fiberon decking top rail to match the decking and prevent splintering on the handrail.

— Renewed Macon deck with Fiberon decking.

On the upper deck, the homeowner considered adding a roof and screens to create a screened porch. However, we all decided instead, to add a low-maintenance metal shade canopy. This offers the homeowners the shade they so badly need on the upper deck, with cost savings over a screened porch conversion. Rather than adding gutters to the new canopy, which is rather far from the home, we were able to install rain chains to divert water away from the deck.

If you are looking for a custom deck builder, who is here for you today, and will be here for you 20 years from now, call on Archadeck of Central GA!

Are you ready to discuss a deck or porch rejuvenation for your Macon area home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

This Spacious Macon Screened Porch is More Than Just a Side Note

Archadeck of Central Georgia recently created an outdoor living space, a bit out of the norm for this North Macon client. Unlike most of our screened porches, which are built onto the backs of homes, this one is attached to the side.

When we visited this home in the Madison neighborhood, we saw that they had an existing wood deck. There are times when we can simply reinforce an existing structure to accommodate a roof and screens, but this was not the case. As the deck was inadequate to build on top of, we began this project by tearing it down, and beginning the new screened porch from scratch.


Are you looking for a Macon screened porch builder? Call on us!

During the design of the screened porch, Archadeck of Central GA owner, Stephen Denton, Jr., was pleased to consult with the homeowner’s son, who is an Architect, and had created a number of drawings beforehand. This collaboration kept the project on budget and ensured that the desired aesthetic was achieved in the overall design. Additionally, he was able to work with the Madison community’s HOA to get the project approved, per their standards.


For this unique Macon screened porch, we installed floor-to-ceiling screens with high-contrast white PVC trim around the top and posts for a truly finished aesthetic. The porch flooring is standard pressure-treated wood, and the traditional screened door is trimmed in wood. The fabulous finished ceiling was completed with open rafters and beadboard for clean electrical installation for the ceiling fan and chandelier. Additional lighting was added with lovely gas sconces.

Since the screened porch was being built onto the side of the home, a shed roof was chosen to achieve a proper tie-in to the existing home. Working with only 12 feet in between the home and the driveway also required a special outdoor fireplace provision. Due to the smaller available space between the home and the outside porch wall, a ventless gas fireplace was necessary to meet code.

Speaking of the outdoor fireplace

We would be remiss to not call out the beautiful outdoor fireplace. The homeowner loved the look of stacked stone, and chose a gorgeous all-white manufactured stone façade for the fireplace – with stunning results! The mantel was fabricated by American Specialties and installed before the stone was applied.

If you are looking for a way to really set your new porch, deck, or patio apart, we recommend doing it with a custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Are you ready to discuss a new screened porch design for your Macon area home? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

An Underperforming Eatonton GA Deck Becomes an Overachiever

These Eatonton homeowners were looking for better use of their outdoor spaces and were faced with a couple of issues with their current deck. Archadeck of Central Georgia brought thoughtful solutions to their lackluster outdoor living situation.

The first issue was that their existing wood deck was too small. We tore down the deck, and not only replaced it, but extended it out by eight feet, giving them more room to move and better coverage of the patio beneath. What’s more, these clients kept the old deck after it was torn down, so they can re-purpose the reclaimed materials on another project on their property!


We want to be your Central GA deck builders!

The second issue these Eatonton deck clients had was a very common one that is experienced by homeowners with raised decks – too much water getting to the spaces below! Originally, the elevated deck didn’t cover as much of the patio beneath, and the uncovered portion was left totally open to the elements. Also, the part of the patio that was covered by the existing deck still took on water during rain. What to do?


Archadeck of Central GA installed Dexedry® underdeck weatherproofing. This innovative solution is made of recycled materials, and is an economical means of keeping the spaces under your deck nice and dry, whether you have a patio or just a walk-out space. Part of the deck extension includes a slope for drainage of the flange gutters of this underdecking system, which are placed above the deck floor joists and between decking boards.

This Central GA deck called for low-maintenance solutions

— New decking and underdeck weatherproofing installed

We installed this deck totally anew with low-maintenance composite decking by Deckorators, along with low-maintenance deck railings by Fortress Railing. Both of these products are constructed to last for many years with minimal maintenance. No sanding, painting, or staining – ever. Essentially a wipe-down or spray off periodically will keep these low-maintenance deck products looking great!

— Fortress decking detail

Are you looking for solutions for your aging deck? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Setting a Macon GA screened porch right

Archadeck of Central Georgia is a trusted outdoor living designer and builder in the Macon area. These homeowners had a very specific need with their existing screened porch, and called on us for assistance. We brought our porch building experience, we put this screened porch right.

Imagine having a private wooded lot with gorgeous views, which you have enjoyed from your private, elevated screened porch for 10 years. Then, imagine that one day a seemingly minor mishap begins a year-long process of deck and porch support degradation. You’re no longer able to close your screen door – and your porch feels like it’s leaning.

—Macon GA screened porch with a scenic wooded view

We are your trusted Macon GA porch builders!

Fact is, this screened porch and deck were leaning. These Macon clients were facing a potential catastrophic failure when they contacted us. Our goal was not only to prevent further damage, but to properly address these support failures, so this family could continue to enjoy their porch safely.

—Existing deck and porch support pole in Macon, GA

More than a year ago, a visiting repair person accidentally hit one of the deck’s support poles with his vehicle. While no huge problems presented at the time, these failures began to happen by degrees. The age of the deck and porch supports, along with the settling of the earth around them, and the collision with the post all set into motion the resulting lean of the porch and deck.

—Elevated screened porch and deck in Macon

This elevated outdoor living space is 20 feet off the ground on this sloping, wooded lot. Support issues with a porch or deck this high up are no small undertaking, and should be addressed immediately. Archadeck of Central GA noticed that there were issues of rotting wood at the bottom of a post, as well as erosion of the original concrete used to secure the supports.

Allow our experience in building porches in the Macon Warner Robins area to work for you!

—Replacement support posts and added support were in order for this porch and deck

We used a car jack system to set the posts. We replaced the existing telephone pole post underneath the deck, as well as one rotting porch post with new 6×6 pressure-treated wood and reset them in new concrete foundation. We also installed an all-new additional 6×6 porch support.

—Brand new posts will keep this porch and deck standing tall and strong

The saying, A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, can be applied to building. This porch and deck were only as strong as their weakest posts. Along with these clients, Archadeck of Central GA will be keeping an eye on this porch and deck to ensure that if ever it is in need of further support work, that it will be addressed promptly.

How safe is your deck?
More info here: Deck Safety Inspection

Is your porch or deck in need of work to keep it safe and usable? Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

North Macon deck features a varied material mix for the win

Archadeck of Central Georgia is pleased to have built this, our third project for these homeowners! We are humbled by their trust in us, and honored to provide new living spaces for returning clients. Each of their projects was customized for each home and their specific needs. This redecking project offers an array of custom elements.

When Archadeck of Central GA visited these North Macon homeowners, we were presented with an aging deck, which though sizable, required improvement. The decking was in poor condition, and the support beam and footings required replacing. However, the rest of the structure was salvaged for this redecking project. Take a look at this revamped deck in Tucker Ridge.

—North Macon GA deck by Archadeck of Central GA.

It’s a low-maintenance decking double-team for this redecking project!

Who says you have to choose one color over another? As your tried and trusted Macon deck builder, Archadeck of Central Georgia certainly doesn’t! For this custom redecking project, we used two attractive decking finishes, from two manufacturers. The main areas of the deck were built with Fiberon’s Horizon IPE, which is a beautiful finish created to mimic the aesthetic of real IPE Brazilian hardwood. We framed the deck with Pecan TimberTech decking, which matches the deck railing cap.

—Dual-toned composite deck with Fiberon and TimberTech decking.

The riser of the deck transition features Dekor LED riser lights for safe travel in dark hours. These homeowners will not constantly be saying, “Watch your step,” during nighttime entertaining!

—North Macon GA composite deck with LED riser lights.

See our deck safety inspection process!

Have you been considering replacing your aging deck? Is your deck structure in disrepair? Don’t suffer another moment with your sub-standard deck. Call on Archadeck of Central Georgia to perform a deck safety inspection, and discuss your brand new deck re-build or redecking project!

—Redecking project in North Macon Georgia.

Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Does Archadeck of Central GA do repair work or small jobs?

As a high-quality deck and porch builder – and yes, we also build sunrooms, hardscapes, fire pits, etc. – we know that we cannot be all things to all people. Archadeck of Central Georgia stays focused on the projects where we bring the most value. These include outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and pergolas, too.

When you have Archadeck of Central Georgia on your team, you have more than a builder. We bring much more to the table, which is why we talk about the Archadeck difference. First, we serve as a consultant, guiding you through the process of envisioning the outdoor structures you want to add to your home. We help you choose the materials that best suit your budget and lifestyle and complement your home. Then, we design your project based on your vision and selection of materials. The design may go through a few iterations as we review it with you and make any changes you request. Finally, we build your outdoor structures with the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail for which Archadeck is known.

What about small jobs or repair work?

While we would love to work with you, we are usually not the most cost-effective choice for smaller jobs or repair work. Consider this analogy, which is something most homeowners can relate to: “You don’t hire a doctor to put on a band-aid.” We offer very competitive pricing for our typical-sized and larger jobs, but on smaller jobs we are not going to be your most competitive solution. There are times when what you truly need is a handyman or contractor who specializes in small home-repair projects.

Can you provide examples of the kind of work Archadeck of Central GA does and usually doesn’t do?

Here are just a few examples for illustration:

• If you simply need a few decking boards replaced, we are not the right company to call. However, if you need ALL of your decking boards replaced or redecked, we ARE your best option in the Macon and Warner Robins area.
• If you need your deck rail cap replaced, or maybe a few stairs replaced, we are not the company to call. However, if you need your ENTIRE railing and rail caps and/or deck stairs replaced, we ARE the company to call.
• If you need your porch rescreened, we are not the company to call. We do not rescreen porches. However, if you need a new screened porch, we ARE the company to call. We build, enlarge, remodel, and upgrade screened porches efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why does Archadeck of Central Georgia focus on designing and building full-scale outdoor living projects?

We limit our time and attention to projects where we can be cost-effective. We have a good-size crew. We obtain permits from your city or county building department. We follow extensive processes and use checklists to keep us from missing anything. We even use a quality-control checklist. As routine procedure, we cover and check off a host of things on each project to ensure everything we do meets Archadeck’s high quality-control standards. With this in mind, smaller or repair-type jobs can become expensive. We find we are most efficient and cost-effective on projects that take four or more days.

What if we don’t know whether our project is too small for you, or how many days it will take?

When in doubt, you can always just call us at 478-745-2000 and ask. You can even email us a picture showing what you want done so we can see the kind of work needed. We’re happy to give you an answer over the phone or by email.

— Send us a picture of what you have in mind!

If your project appears to fall within the range of jobs we can complete cost-effectively, we will call you to set up a design consultation. You won’t be obligated to hire us. Until you sign a contract, you are under no obligation, and in most cases our design consultation is free. The exceptions would be if you are located outside our usual area or if you need to meet with us outside regular business hours. The best way to find out the answers to your questions is to give us a call.

Will you recommend a company to handle our small job or repairs?

We don’t give out referrals because when we find someone good, we hire them!!

If you’re looking for a Macon or Warner Robins area deck, porch, or sunroom builder, call on Archadeck of Central Georgia. Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

To Permit or Not Permit, That is the Question...

Making the decision to add an outdoor living structure to your Macon or Warner Robins-area home can be a great experience. Not only are you excited about getting your new deck or porch, you are likely also concerned about all the logistics that come into play in bringing your project to completion.

Here at Archadeck of Central GA, one of the most frequently asked questions is will my project require a permit? The answer to this question is usually not as simple as yes or no, however, as the building codes and requirements for each county and city within our service area vary.

Central GA Deck & Porch Building Codes

Building codes are essential for knowing what type of outdoor structures require a permit, how to submit a proper building plan to get a permit, what points during construction require an inspection, and the specifics of how to build a safe deck or porch. Knowing the building codes may sound simple until you begin to do your research. This is because county and state building codes differ. That’s right, the same codes that are required to build a deck or porch in Macon may differ greatly than those required in the city of Warner Robins, Houston County, or Monroe County

— Custom screened porch in Kathleen, GA, by Archadeck of Central GA.

Just to prove the complexity of required building codes try a Google search for your local deck and porch building codes. What did you find? Was it difficult to navigate your area’s website? Did you find deck and porch building codes specifically or just a very long set of residential building codes that only mentioned a deck or porch once, or not at all? Most likely, you may have found the permitting information, but not the detailed instructions about codes or requirements.

If you do find your city’s deck building codes, you will likely find out that they are long and cumbersome and require the knowledge and experience of a licensed builder in order to understand. You’ll also find out that you may need one, two, three, or more inspections during the building process. The first inspection will be after your footings are dug, but before concrete is poured. The second inspection will be of the framing and lastly, you’ll have a final inspection. Some inspectors may require additional inspections of items such as electrical or plumbing, too!

The Bottom Line

Most construction projects do require permitting. Archdeck of Central GA will certainly obtain the proper permits as required by law. If you forgo the permitting process, you could be fined, your homeowners’ insurance may be compromised, and you may be unable to sell your house until permitting requirements are satisfied. Furthermore, if you have unresolvable issues with your contractor you may be unable to receive help from the courts because you chose to proceed without the legally required permits. Keep in mind all of these requirements are in place to protect. you, the homeowner.

— Look at these improperly installed deck footings, definitely not built according to code and very unsafe!

Additionally, just as we mentioned, each town or municipality varies in their building requirements. And some elements of your deck or porch construction are dictated by the zoning district where your home is located. Together they will provide the following specific requirements:

• Setback requirements: How far from the property line decks need to be.
• Footing depth.
• Materials: Certain materials require specific hardware for safety.
• Column and post size and construction requirements.
• Railings.
• Stairways and handrails.
• The various requirements around utility meters and lines.
• Deck and porch load strength: how much weight it can hold.
• Roof tie-in requirements.
• Easements and impervious requirements such as water runoff

The bottom line is Archadeck of Central GA handles all permits and inspections when you contract with us for your outdoor living project. We are well versed and knowledgable in all the local deck and porch building codes and requirements. We stay up-to-the-minute with any changes to the codes and have long-standing relationships with many of the local building inspectors. The hassle of permits, inspections, and building codes is one of the best reasons to hire a professional deck and porch contractor like us. Let us focus on meeting and exceeding codes for the safety and quality of your new outdoor structure so you can focus your excitement on enjoying it!

Let us handle the building codes, permitting and requirements for your outdoor living project. Call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

New wood deck in Warner Robins, borne of catastrophic storm damage

Archadeck of Central Georgia was called upon to build a new deck to replace one that fell victim to a tree fall. This Warner Robins family endured a storm catastrophe, and reached out to us to begin rebuilding. With their severe backyard slope, getting the deck built quickly meant that other home repairs, such as the roof, would be easier to perform.

Demolition of the damaged wood deck had already been done when it was time for us to begin the new deck’s construction. In a way, this deck is symbolic of this family pulling their lives and home back together after such a harrowing event. Archadeck of Central Georgia was pleased to be a part of the process of getting life back to normal for these homeowners.

— This Warner Robins deck was literally ripped from the home.

How was this Warner Robins deck improved?

These homeowners had a tiered deck design, with the larger level accessible from the home, and a smaller grilling and sitting deck on a landing one level below. Archadeck of Central Georgia took the new deck design a step further in usability, by keeping much the same shape, but expanding the size. As well, instead of having a deck landing, the upper level leads all the way to the ground level, where a covered deck offers a tranquil space with protection from the elements.

— Multi-level Warner Robins deck design.

See more wood decks built by Archadeck of Central Georgia!

This Warner Robins deck reconstruction wouldn’t be complete without hallmark Archadeck customization elements, such as the wood-framed railing with square black powder coated pickets by Fortress Railing Products.

— The covered deck offers shelter and tranquility.

The lower deck includes a custom built-in bench, and will easily accommodate a large outdoor furniture arrangement. The upper deck will offer great protection for the outdoor furnishings, as well as the homeowners and their guests! DECKOR riser lights were used on the deck stairs for ease of use after dark.

If your deck needs replacing, call on Archadeck of Central GA!

No matter your need for a new deck, we can help. Archadeck of Central Georgia is a tried and trusted Macon and Warner Robins deck builder. If your deck is aging, damaged, or you just prefer something different than status quo, we can design a new deck that is perfect for your home and family!

— Warner Robins deck damage from falling tree.

As you can see, the height of this deck will be essential in continuing rebuilding efforts. With a top deck surface of 13 feet off the ground, the roof repairs will be much easier to address.

— Elevated Warner Robins deck by Archadeck of Central GA.

Are you ready for a new and improved custom deck for your Macon and Warner Robins area home? Whether you prefer a traditional wood, hardwood, or a synthetic deck, Archadeck of Central Georgia can help! Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Retro deck re-design and build in Macon’s Country Club area

There are a lot of great things from the 70’s that have stood the test of time, or at least see brief resurgences as time marches on. Coveted interior design trends, such as wood focal walls, brass accents, and shag rugs can be seen in brand new homes of today. For this 70’s home, however, one thing had to go – the wood deck. Hold on to your bell bottoms and see this 70’s deck brought into the new millennium!

When we first saw this sloping backyard space, the old deck had already been demolished down to its steel beam structure. The homeowner at first planned to re-build the deck on his own but later decided to call in the reinforcements at “Archadeck of Central Georgia”: to design and build a new low-maintenance deck.

— A newer, larger, modern low-maintenance deck in Macon, GA.

The deck structure that was

The Architect that originally designed this home and deck, added a strong steel beam supporting structure. Though it outlived the wooden deck, it was in need of improvements. After evaluating the state of the steel structure, we found that it would be costlier to refurbish it than tear it down, and so we did. We cut the steel into manageable pieces with a torch, and carried it away for disposal. We then replaced it with a sturdy wood support structure.

— We replaced the steel supporting deck structure with wood.

An old “Macon deck renewed and improved

These days, homeowners see the true value in replacing an old wooden deck with materials that will not only outlast the former, but offer the benefits of low maintenance. For this Macon deck, we used beautiful TimberTech decking in Antique Palm for a natural wood finish. We also concocted a larger deck design to better accommodate this family’s outdoor living preferences in their beautiful, natural backyard setting. Since the brick landing was in perfect structural shape, and obviously was designed to fit the aesthetic of the home, we planned the angular shape of the deck to accommodate it.

— New composite deck in Macon Georgia ties in perfectly to the existing brick landing.

If you’re looking for a Macon or Warner Robins area deck builder, call on Archadeck of Central Georgia!

Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

A Rainy Night in Georgia is No Problem for this Bonaire Deck

Choosing between an enclosed and open space is one of the biggest decisions that clients of Archadeck of Central Georgia make when it comes to planning a new outdoor living space. We designed and built this Bonaire GA family a two-for-one with a truly special deck.

When we arrived at this Bonaire home, we noted a great backyard space with a pool. We were also met with an aging, pre-fabricated sunroom, which had reached the end of its time. The inherent structure and design of the sunroom led to rain leaks around the connection, resulting in a bit of wood rot around the door of the home. Archadeck of Central Georgia not only corrected damaged areas, and re-guttered the home, but we offered them a pretty special deck besides!

We want to be your choice for a Bonaire deck builder too!

— Custom Bonaire GA deck with Archadeck rain deck system.

This Bonaire, Georgia, family had ideas in mind for getting the best use of their backyard. Tearing off the sunroom was only the first step to achieving their goals. Because they have a walk-out basement for pool access directly from the home, we opted to build their deck with the Archadeck rain deck system. This deck has special underlayment, which will direct rainfall from the deck into the rain gutters, keeping the under-deck area dry. This is a great solution for those, who wish to use the space beneath their deck for a walk-out patio and/or dry storage for outdoor items.

— Fiberon Horizon composite decking in Ipe finish

This deck is not only special in its water-tight construction, but also in the beautiful composite decking. We chose Fiberon Horizon decking in Ipe for this project, which produced a spectacular, real-wood aesthetic with optimal synthetic decking performance.

See more decks by Archadeck of Central GA!

— Mix-and-match synthetic deck with wood rails in Bonaire GA

The all-wood, standard Archadeck deck railing features a fascia-mounted post design, wood pickets, and Fiberon Ipe top cap. The beauty of this deck doesn’t end with the outward aesthetic, though! The outdoor living structure before, had a stair that was out of code – steep and dangerous! We gave this family a turned stair design, offering a landing and a much safer foray from top to bottom, and back again. In keeping with the mix-and-match composition of the deck and railing materials, the stair risers are topped with Fiberon Ipe boards. Capping stairs and railings with a composite material means no splinters in fingers and toes – ever!

See more composite decks by Archadeck of Central GA!

Has your backyard outdoor living area become a hindrance, more than an entertaining space? We get it! Outdoor living spaces of 20 years ago were not built to same standards as today. We are ready to meet with you to discuss replacing your aging porch, sunroom, deck, or patio with a new custom Archadeck design – built to current codes, with top-notch building materials, and TO LAST!

If your home has an aging outdoor living design, which could use an upgrade, Archadeck of Central Georgia is ready to design and build your ideal solution. Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

This New And Improved Deck In Weatherford Delivers More Room For Backyard Enjoyment

Our most recent deck addition took Archadeck of Central GA to the tranquil Weatherford neighborhood in Monroe County, GA. Originally, this project was to involve expanding on the existing footprint of the homeowner’s backyard deck to give them more space. In addition, we were to also redeck the entire space including the new planned deck expansion to complete the project, along with new railing.

— New and improved backyard deck in Monroe County, GA, by Archadeck.

That was the initial project plan, but that isn’t exactly what happened.

As with any outdoor living project, especially those built with wood, there is only so much you can see from an observational perspective. Rot is often masked under the layers of the framework within a deck’s substructure. It is not until you are into the project, peeling back those layers, that issues like rot and decay become apparent. This was the case on this project as removal of the decking boards revealed extensive rot underneath as no flashing was installed when the deck was originally constructed. This caused the entire band to rot.

One step forward and two steps back.

Archadeck of Central GA saved the day with the discovery of the degradation, as time passed, further decay would have spread to the area under the homeowner’s kitchen breakfast nook. Despite the unanticipated course the project took, it was good we found it when we did and were able to address it. Once we removed the entire existing deck, we made the necessary amendments to ensure the new structure was solid and the home was protected from additional issues.

A new deck in Weatherford!

Once the structural amendments and repairs were made, we set to work building their new and larger deck. The deck was built from pressure-treated pine and features a low-maintenance Fiberon rail in white. The larger footprint boasts plenty of room for outdoor furniture and accessories.

—Even the family dog loves the new deck!

In addition to the new deck and railing, Archadeck of Central GA also designed an area under the deck for lawn and garden storage. The nifty space keeps items like wheelbarrows and shovels out of sight — plus it features a trendy barn door design, too!

— Under deck storage with attractive barn door design.

As the area’s premier and most-trusted deck builder, Archadeck of Central GA ensures every deck we build is designed with not only aesthetics but also structurally integrity in mind. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your backyard at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

A Newfangled Deck Design for a Classic Macon Home!

At Archadeck of Central Georgia, we understand the vintage appeal of the homes off Forest Hill. These homeowners had a patio, which had surpassed its usable lifespan. We were able to build a new deck, in a brand new way, while keeping the classic aesthetic intact.

Sometimes, it is necessary to implement a new outdoor living structure into an existing design palette, without disrupting the allure. This is one such project, located in the ever-trendy Forest Hill area, where homes of yesteryear attract homeowners and admirers alike.

A job for an experienced Macon deck builder!

Archadeck of Central Georgia arrived at this home to find a raised poured patio slap, with brick edging and skirting. A functional patio, until it had begun to crack and sink. The patio slab was visibly sunken 2-3” inches in areas, and was set to further fall and break.

— The existing slab patio needed resuscitation, stat!

We got to work breaking away and removing a large portion of the offending slab. When it came to preserving the vintage aesthetic, we knew that keeping the brick was the only course of action. Working by the creed “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” we devised a unique way to give these homeowners the structurally sound wood deck they desired, while keeping the brick surround.

— A new wood deck for a classic home.

This new deck is literally inset into the brick surround, supported by the existing footing. The diagonal wood inlay is truly a unique take on a new deck for a vintage space! This deck attaches to the home’s existing screened porch, essentially doubling their use of their outdoor space. This 10’ x 21.5’ deck is large enough for entertaining or relaxing and gave these homeowners a new and improved spot to grill.

New deck railings for this new/old deck.

The custom hybrid railings were constructed with wood framing and posts and Fortress Railing powder coated steel picket infill with alternating decorative baskets. The railings were built into the deck structure, and the deck was built around it.

We create custom deck solutions for custom outdoor spaces.

When it comes to facing a unique outdoor living requirement, Archadeck of Central Georgia is equipped to confront the challenge head-on. What separates us from other contractors, is our ability to design solutions for truly custom situations. We have the vision to conceptualize a new design, and the experience to see it through to a beautiful finish.

If your existing outdoor living space has surpassed its usable life, we are ready to help refurbish it. Archadeck of Central Georgia is the Macon and Warner Robins area’s premier outdoor structure builder. Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

A beautiful new deck in Bonaire GA provides more space and usability

Archadeck of Central Georgia designed and built a new deck to replace an aging one, which was not only becoming unusable but did not provide the family with quite enough livable space. How much space will it take to bring this deck to the perfect size? You might be surprised!

Many of our clients already have a deck, which is not providing for their needs, in one way or multiple ways. These Bonaire homeowners had an existing deck, which was becoming structurally unsound, but also was not providing this family with the space they needed. Their original deck measured ten feet out from the home. Ten feet is not necessarily small, but the issue is that ten feet is not a good, usable size. Not to worry! Archadeck of Central Georgia offered this family a new size that will better accommodate their needs – by only adding 2 feet to the depth. We always recommend a minimum size of 12 feet to accommodate outdoor furnishings. If you are thinking that your limited-size deck requires a super-size solution, you could be wrong!

— By adding only two feet, we gave this family a more accommodating composite deck!

A larger, low-maintenance composite deck to the rescue!

We built a beautiful TimberTech deck for this Bonaire family, in Caribbean Redwood, a great complementary finish to their home’s exterior masonry. We built a custom pressure-treated wood railing with decorative black metal pickets and topped the 6”x6” stair posts with black metal pyramid-shaped post caps. We used matching TimberTech top rail on the expanse of deck and stair railing.

— Expansive TimberTech deck in Bonaire GA with custom deck railing.

— Beautiful railing detail.


What about redecking?

Unfortunately, this deck was not a candidate for redecking, as the structure was found to be inadequate. However, if you are considering a deck expansion, your deck could be a great candidate for redecking. Redecking encompasses tearing existing decking away, reconfigure the deck’s structure to suit the new size and design, add more support where necessary, and re-cover with new decking. Take advantage of Archadeck of Central Georgia’s free deck safety inspection to see if your deck is able to be redecked!

If your deck is lacking for space for entertaining and private relaxation, we are ready to help you achieve the new, larger deck of your dreams. Archadeck of Central Georgia is the Macon and Warner Robins area’s premier outdoor structure builder. Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Bigger, Better, Boom! Archadeck of Central GA Expands and Updates Deck in Bonaire, GA!

If you’ve got more house, we can build you more deck! That’s what you see in these photos of our recent redeck, deck extension and pergola project in Bonaire, GA. Premier deck builder Archadeck of Central Georgia aims to please, so if you want a longer deck, that’s what you will get.

— Beautiful deck and pergola combination by Archadeck of Central GA.

This home’s original deck was made of wood that had aged a good bit, so the clients definitely needed to replace that. Luckily, the substructure supporting the original deck was still in good shape. That meant we were able to redeck instead of having to replace the original deck entirely.

— Deck before Archadeck of Central GA began the updating project.

Redecking for the Win!

If you’re not familiar with redecking, it means we can replace the boards that make up the deck’s surface without having to replace the substructure. The two advantages to redecking are saving money and saving time. With redecking, your project can be completed that much faster!

The option of redecking exists because the boards used to build the deck’s substructure don’t go through the weathering process that affects the deck’s surface, railing and stairs. The sun and rain cause horizontal boards to swell and shrink repeatedly until the wood fibers start to lose their structural integrity. This is why wood decks need to be replaced sooner than composite decks do.

Meanwhile, the supporting beams and joists under the deck are in the shade and are oriented vertically shedding water. So the structure does not go through the same expansion and contraction cycles as the decking. As long as they’re capable of supporting the weight of the new deck surface, we can leave the substructure in place and use it again. That way you don’t pay for materials or labor to build a new support structure.

Before we can quote your job with redecking in mind, we go beneath your deck and inspect the substructure. If you’re replacing your wooden deck surface with composite decking, the substructure will have to support more weight than it had previously because composite decking weighs more than wood. In the case of the project we’re looking at today, the substructure was sufficient to support a composite deck.

Designing a Longer Deck

As you can see, the clients had plenty of room across the back of their home for extending the length of their deck. The original bay-shaped deck was designed to fill the space that is set back between the dining room bay windows and screened porch. Why stop there? The homeowners wanted a longer deck. Extending it along the length of the living room and dining room was the perfect solution.

To accommodate a longer deck, we redesigned the stairs, too. The new steps are much wider and are centered to be accessible from either side of the deck. Best of all, they update the look of the entire deck significantly.

The decking material these Bonaire, GA, homeowners chose was Fiberon’s Horizon decking in the rosewood color. It’s the perfect shade to complement the home’s brickwork still visible below the screened porch.

Introducing the Pergola – And It’s a Big One!

The clients wanted to add a pergola for shade over the original bay-shaped deck area. This pergola is striking, 18 feet wide with an octagonal shape. The pergola looks so natural there now, you would think it had been there all along. We built the pergola with pressure-treated wood. The S-shaped design on the end of the rafters is called an ogee cut – very popular for pergola designs.

Notice that the beams of the pergola are designed with minimal traffic and view obstruction in mind. Where many builders would have just placed the beam in the middle of the pergola, Archadeck employs the use of a drafting department. Our drafting department was able to specify the best placement of the beam in order to retain the traffic flow, view and structurally integrity of the pergola addition — making it a win/win for everyone!

If you’re kicking around ideas about replacing, extending or redesigning your old deck, we are the company to call. We can offer design ideas to refresh your deck and turn it from boring to brilliant. Archadeck of Central Georgia is the Macon and Warner Robins area’s premier outdoor structure builder. Give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

This Topsy Turvy Screened Porch and Deck in Macon is Ready for a Solo

In much the same way the actor in a play or movie takes center stage in their lead role, so do the custom outdoor living structures we build here at Archadeck of Central GA.

Nothing could make this more evident than when it comes time for one of our clients we have built for to sell there home. Outdoor living structures built by Archadeck have something extra going for them. You could ask, “What’s in a name?” When it comes to Archadeck, the answer is, “A lot.” The Archadeck brand is recognized nationwide as producing a very high-quality product. Locally-owned Archadeck businesses such as Archadeck of Central GA design and build outdoor structures to last.

Homeowners aren’t necessarily aware of what’s going on behind the scenes at Archadeck to ensure top-quality design. What home buyers see is the mention of Archadeck in a home’s MLS listing. Many times a seller will point out, in their listing, that their outdoor living structures were built by Archadeck.

Each owner of an Archadeck design-and-build outdoor living structure business builds “the Archadeck way.” All of Archadeck’s standard designing and building practices meet local building codes – nationwide – and some of our standards exceed code during the time of their construction. However, building codes change frequently and the same structure that met and even exceeded codes 5 or 10 years ago, may need minimal amendments to stay current.

We go the extra mile — exceeding all warranty time frames

Recently, we were contacted by a customer in the Broadleaf neighborhood of Macon, in regards to a screened porch and deck combination we had built for them five years ago. The homeowners were in the process of listing their home for sale and during the pre-listing inspection, a few amendments were suggested to bring the structure up to current code. Archadeck of Central GA gladly heeded the call!

After going over the suggestions with the homeowner’s realtor, we sent one of our crews over to complete the amendments. We did this in good faith based on our long-standing relationship with these wonderful homeowners and did not ask them to sign into another contract to have the work completed.

If you want to learn more about working with the Macon’s premier outdoor stucture builder, please give us a call today to schedule a design consultation at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

How Will U.S.Tariffs Affect the Cost of Your Anticipated Outdoor Living Space Project ?

Whether or not you’ve been following the national debates about the U.S. placing tariffs on steel, aluminum and lumber, do you know if you’ve been affected by them? You may have been affected by the increase in steel prices, for example, if you’ve purchased a car recently. Archadeck of Central GA is looking at how these tariffs are affecting the cost of building a deck, porch or other outdoor living structure.

Softwood lumber prices in the U.S. increased 31% between April 2017 and March 2018. The softwood category includes pressure-treated pine, the wood used for the majority of wood decks built in the Macon and Warner Robins areas.

How Will Lumber and Aluminum Price Increases Affect You?

If you choose a composite deck instead of wood, you may still be affected by the higher prices for lumber. That’s because the substructure of all decks is built with lumber, even the composite and synthetic decks. The low-maintenance wood alternatives are used for the surface of decks as well as trim and sometimes railings, but not for the substructure.

If you choose a deck made of pressure-treated pine, you may be affected by these price increases. There are other wood choices available for decks such as hardwoods. In particular, exotic hardwoods such as ipe have always been quite a bit more expensive than other woods.

The price of aluminum railings will be affected, too, because of the U.S. tariff on aluminum. Ninety percent of the aluminum used by U.S. companies is imported. However, there are many alternatives to aluminum when homeowners are selecting a railing type.

How to Minimize the Impact if Your Anticipated Project is in the Near Future

The smartest move you can make right now, to avoid additional price increases, is to contact Archadeck of Central GA to schedule a free design consultation for your deck addition or upgrade. Porches and 3-season rooms will also be affected to some extent, too. About the only outdoor living structures that won’t be affected are patios and other hardscapes like outdoor kitchens, fire pits and fireplaces.

If you have concerns about these price increases and how they will affect you, please give us a call today to learn more at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

An Ample Macon GA Deck Becomes so Much More!

Archadeck of Central Georgia transformed part of this spacious deck into a covered porch with outdoor fireplace and the results are just beautiful.

These Macon, Georgia homeowners had a grand deck already, but they imagined themselves getting more time and enjoyment out of their outdoor living space with a few indoor creature comforts. This family opted to build a porch atop a portion of their existing deck and had a few criteria in mind to produce a winning result. Archadeck of Central GA is pleased to have provided them with their vision of the ideal outdoor living room!

— This Macon GA deck offered ample outdoor living space, but no sun protection.

Custom deck conversions require more than a little consideration.

Archadeck of Central GA had to first establish the confirmation of the existing deck structure. Fortunately, the deck had great bones, and with a little reinforcement, was ready to accept the weight of the porch roof. It is not always possible to simply build atop an existing structure. You can depend on Archadeck of Central GA to ensure that a deck-to-porch conversion is done with the utmost care, attention to detail, and safety. We will inspect the whole of your outdoor structure and bring your conversion project to fruition.

Click here to see another deck-to-porch conversion by Archadeck of Central GA.

— Macon deck-to-porch conversion with stunning outdoor fireplace.

The mission: provide shade, add comfort, and space to hang a TV.

Who doesn’t want to spend cooler months outdoors in the fresh GA air, watching football, or hosting a movie night with friends and family? Our first initiative was to give this family much needed sun protection by adding a porch roof. Done! Secondly, we aimed to make them more comfortable by adding a gorgeous wood burning/gas start fireplace and custom mantel. No problem! These homeowners now have a perfect gathering and relaxation area right outside their back door, where they can enjoy watching TV, visiting with friends, or cozying up with a good book or the weekend newspaper.

— This grand fireplace creates a perfect spot for gathering with friends and family or private relaxation. These homeowners even have the luxury of watching hummingbirds from their new porch cover!

Given that building guidelines are dictated by the family’s homeowners’ association, we had to build a custom porch that strictly adhered to their standards. The covered porch had to appear original to the home, and we worked diligently to match new materials to existing and add new materials that fit the style of the home. We built the porch roof with substantial open rafters and trimmed the gables with beadboard to match the mantel and reduce TV glare. On the exterior of the fireplace, we applied hard coat stucco and professional painting was provided to perfectly match to the existing home.

— You’re not seeing double – that’s two perfectly-matched chimneys!

These Macon, GA homeowners had a plan in mind to get more quality use out of their outdoor living space. They took our porch design and building expertise to task and called in a little help from our friends at American Lighting and Design to produce a custom beadboard mantel to hang the TV. The project was completed upon the approval of their HOA, and Archadeck of Central GA ensured that all guidelines were followed to achieve the approved design. We wish these satisfied clients many happy hours in their new outdoor living space!

If you are considering converting your existing deck to a porch for added enjoyment outdoors, contact us today at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

See This Bolingbroke, GA, Deck’s Metamorphosis into Spacious Custom Sunroom

Archadeck of Central Georgia designed and built a custom sunroom solution for these Monroe County homeowners to accommodate large get-togethers and private relaxation!

The benefits of having a large deck are many. Deck expanses are fantastic gathering spots and areas of respite. Decks are versatile living areas, great for grilling, sunning, eating, and visiting with friends and family. But what if you have enough space to transform part of your large deck into an expansive, custom sunroom? At Archadeck of Central GA, we can offer you the best of both worlds, with an open-air deck (or decks) paired with a custom-designed sunroom – like we did for these homeowners.

Have you considered the benefits of adding a custom sunroom to your GA home?

— It’s impossible to tell that this sunroom is not an original part of this home

Having previously built for family members, Archadeck of Central Georgia was delighted that these homeowners reached out to us with great expectations! As the existing deck was sound and not elevated, we were able to proceed with plans to build the sunroom directly atop the deck. It was important that we keep the new build in perfect conformity with the home’s original design. We met that challenge with a tall shed roof design to accommodate home’s roof lines and upper story windows. We were also able to source the exact siding material used on the original home, even though it had been discontinued! We facilitated the matching of the transom windows by custom fabricating them, down the sashes, which were also no longer available for purchase as a stock item. Since the original windows on the home are large, Archadeck of Central GA sought the advice of a building inspector to ensure that we could safely provide windows of matching size.

— This Bolingbroke, GA, home now has a sunroom and two accompanying decks overlooking their pool

This home now has multiple outdoor living areas, which includes two decks, a sunroom, a private walk-out balcony, and pool and patio space. These homeowners host a yearly event with more than 300 guests in attendance, and these areas will aptly accommodate! If you host parties, having both indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces is ideal.

Have you contacted us in the past, but had to abandon plans to proceed with your GA sunroom project?

These clients reached out to Archadeck of Central GA two years ago when first considering their custom sunroom project. Plans were ultimately put on hold, but when it was time to proceed, they called on us again! If you have previously spoken with us about upgrading your outdoor living space, but had to abandon your building plans, we hope that you will reach back out when you are ready to move forward. We will be pleased to help you achieve your ideal outdoor living space.

The interior of this grand sunroom was completed with designer ceramic tile floors and finished drywall walls and ceiling. Canned lighting, ceiling fans, and a Mitsubishi split unit for heating and cooling will keep the space comfortable and functional day or night, rain or shine, all year long. No matter the use – whether for large gatherings or small or private days of respite – this space will be a favorite for these Bolingbroke homeowners for many years to come.

If you are considering upgrading your current outdoor living area to a custom sunroom, contact us today at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Macon, GA, Homeowners Love Results after Archadeck of Central GA Replaces Aging Deck & Porch

Sometimes replacing a deck or porch on a home can be the best thing that ever happened to that home—and in more ways than one. Recently we completed a job you could describe like that.

Of course these Macon, GA, homeowners in the Northside Drive area love their revitalized outdoor living space with a new deck and porch. Unfortunately, when we demolished their old deck we discovered it had not been flashed properly. There was rot on the siding and house band, which we had to replace. Had the old deck remained much longer, the interior flooring joists would have been affected next. Luckily we caught and repaired the damage before it could spread beyond the deck.

— Image of area before we began project.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise …

To paraphrase Forrest Gump, an older house is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get when you remove old construction and reveal what’s under it or behind it.

This home was built in the ‘70s and has had multiple owners. The back porch and deck had been built by previous homeowners. In fact, three different sets of homeowners had added onto this home’s outdoor living spaces over the years, and not a single one of them was a professional carpenter.

— Before and after – WOW!

The current homeowners, our clients, had been in the home for a couple of years and knew they wanted to replace the deck and screened porch. The deck clearly was not sound; it was rickety and actually had a hole in the floor. Needless to say, they couldn’t use or enjoy it.

Shiny and New from the Floor to the Beam!

Macon-area porch builder and deck builder Archadeck of Central GA went right to work on a new porch and deck. The homeowners chose an open porch design rather than a screened porch this time. We were able to save the porch roof, from the beam up, but we did have to replace the porch walls and the floor. We added a new beam and two new posts, along with joists and a new edge band. We also installed new gutters.

In replacing the deck, we designed and built a new deck that is sized more appropriately for the home. This was also the opportunity to position the deck stairs to match the walkway. We used pressure-treated pine for the deck floor and built a standard deck railing with pressure-treated pine as well. The homeowners are pleased with this deck now that the structure is sound! They also love that it was designed to be more in keeping with the layout of the home and landscape.

If you are interested in replacing an aging deck, porch or combination outdoor living space, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia for a design consultation. You can reach us by phone at 478-745-2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck of Central GA Provides Macon GA Homeowners with Much-Needed Shade Structure

If you want shade, Archadeck of Central GA can deliver! These Macon, GA, homeowners called us in to construct a shade structure—with a fan—over their patio. We love using fans outdoors. You should not have to go indoors for a breeze on a day when Mother Nature is not providing any.

The concrete patio along the back of this 1950s ranch-style house is 18 feet wide. The project we designed and installed is an 18-foot pergola covered with a Tuftex PolyCarbonate sheet. This cover allows some light through but blocks the direct sunlight, so it is the perfect pergola cover.

How Much Shade Do You Want?

We always caution homeowners that a pergola does not provide 100% shade as you would get with a solid roof. The top of a pergola features purlins and rafters running in opposite directions to create a crisscross effect. The amount of shade you get from a pergola depends on several factors including the angle of the pergola in relation to the sun and the dimensions of the purlins and rafters.

To create more shade, we recommend installing polycarbonate sheeting across the top of the pergola. This material is very sturdy and reduces the amount of heat on your porch or patio without blocking all of the light. Most polycarbonate sheeting will come in more than one color. The product we used here, Tuftex, is available in clear, translucent white and smoke-tinted options.

Pergola Builder Archadeck of Central GA Finds a Design Solution

Many outdoor living projects present their own special challenges, and that was the case at this home, too. Archadeck of Central GA, your Macon, GA, pergola builder, does not back down from a challenge! Challenges keep us young and keep us on our toes. In this case, the challenge began with the fact that the patio we were covering is 18 feet wide across the back of the house. Ideally with a span that wide, we would use three posts across the front of the pergola and three posts across the back (the side closest to the house).

However, there were two issues with that “ideal” design. First, while the concrete patio was in good shape, it had settled a bit over the years, and we did not want to add more weight to the patio. Second, a middle post would have been four feet out from the house restricting the use of the patio.

To navigate these issues, we designed a pergola with three posts supporting the front of the pergola but only two on the back. To make this work, we spanned the entire 18-ft. width of the pergola, on the back side, with a large PSL beam to carry the weight. We needed the strongest beam possible to eliminate the need for a middle post. PSL stands for parallel strand lumber, which is engineered wood made from parallel wood strands bonded with adhesive.

Adding the Finishing Touches

We built the pergola with pressure-treated pine, and we wrapped the PSL beam in pressure-treated pine as well so it would match the rest of the structure. As mentioned above, we covered the finished pergola with a large Tuftex PolyCarb sheet in the tinted smoke color to provide additional shade while allowing light to filter through.

With an impressive new pergola over their patio, these happy Macon, GA, homeowners got the shade they wanted and a fan, too. Their son is an electrician so he will take care of installing the fan. Archadeck of Central GA is always happy to work with others on a project if clients want to use their own contractors for electrical work, plumbing, etc.

If you are interested in adding a pergola to your outdoor living space—or perhaps you need a deck or patio installed to go with that pergola—contact Archadeck of Central Georgia for a design consultation. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck of Central GA Improves Outdoor Living Spaces for this Monroe County, GA, Veteran

At Archadeck of Central GA, any day we get to make a veteran’s life easier is a good day. This client, a North Macon, GA, veteran, had been referred to another contractor in the area based on the VA’s list of approved contractors. However, the client wasn’t comfortable with the approved contractor and didn’t feel like he was right for the job. The client contacted Archadeck of Central GA. Working with the VA, we were able to be added to the list of VA-approved contractors, and the veteran hired us to do the work.

The project was a multi-faceted outdoor living space that included redecking, replacing a railing and adding a ramp, a covered porch and a concrete patio. We also upgraded the existing second-story screened porch with new wrapped posts and a new edge band around the base of the porch.

For the redecking, we replaced the wooden deck boards with low-maintenance composite decking from TimberTech. Specifically, the homeowner selected the TimberTech Terrain decking boards in brown oak. For the railing, we used square Fortress iron balusters in black with a TimberTech Terrain rail cap. The gates are built with the same black Fortress iron balusters to match.

We added a hip roof over one section of the deck, making it a large covered porch. This required a roof tie-in to match the existing roof. We constructed the covered porch ceiling with an open-rafter design and added a ceiling fan. Beneath the new covered porch, we added a concrete patio and dry storage area.

The homeowner can access the second-story deck from inside the home or by using the concrete ramp from the driveway. He can access the patio from the basement, which he gets to by elevator.

— Before Archadeck of Central GA started the project.

During the project, we noticed the homeowner had a soft back yard that probably needed re-grading. The gutters drain into the back yard, and since the septic tank was also located there, re-grading wasn’t an option. To alleviate the drainage issues before we poured concrete for patio, we installed four new gutters into a pipe for runoff and laid sod over the top. For drain lines we used rigid green PVC drainage pipe instead of corrugated drain lines in case leaves and debris plug the line and need to be cleaned out.

Not only does this project add beauty and function to the home, it also gives the homeowner freedom—and more outdoor living space to enjoy.

— Open porch ceiling details.

Archadeck of Central GA supports and honors all veterans and active duty military, and we were thrilled to work on this project to expand and improve our client’s outdoor living space. Now that we’re on the list of VA-approved contractors, we hope to work with more veterans in the future.

If you are ready for a new deck, porch, patio or ramp, or a combination of structures, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

This Bonaire, GA, Screened Patio Is Sure To Let the Sunshine In!

Archadeck of Central Georgia recently completed one of our most unique screened rooms to date!

These Bonaire, GA, homeowners had purchased their home with an existing concrete patio on the back. The patio went beyond the covered portion of the roof and the homeowners retained this open area with the intention of creating a flower bed surround. Over time, they decided to eliminate the exposed area because each time Mother Nature came to call, the rain would soil the patio. They also felt an insect-free covered space would serve them better than flowers, and would expand the time they could spend enjoying their backyard.

With this in mind, Archadeck of Central Georgia designed a screened patio that is reminiscent of a conservatory-style outdoor room. Instead of the traditional roof extension we use for most of our screened porch and patio designs, we used greenhouse panels. This allows the space to be bathed in natural light, helping to keep it warm in the cooler months and reducing the loss of light into the home a traditional roofed structure might cause.

When considering an addition of any kind to your home you have to consider the loss of light into your home. Screened porches will often reduce the amount of light the rooms adjacent to it receive because of the addition of a roof, screens and the elements of the entire structure. Here at Archadeck of Central Georgia we always discuss this with our clients as there are options that can curb the loss of light, such as skylights or adding recessed can lighting. These need to be decided prior to beginning the project.

The way we designed this porch ensures minimal loss of light. We installed greenhouse panels for the roof using a system of metal brackets with aluminum screened walls and a polycarbonate twin wall system. The 2" wall panel also give the appearance of a railing. Because we used a heavy beam in the space the room can facilitate the addition of a convertible window system such as Eze Breeze in the future, as the homeowners see fit. You can learn more about Eze Breeze in our story The 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Eze Breeze® Windows.

Let us show you how your backyard was meant to be with the addition of a custom screened porch design for your backyard and your lifestyle. Bringing your outdoor dreams to life is our specialty. Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more (478) 745–2000 or email us at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck Franchisee Honored among Auburn University's Leaders and Innovators

Stephen Denton, Jr., owner of Archadeck of Central Georgia, was honored with a Top Tiger Award at the 2018 Auburn University Entrepreneurship Summit, April 5-6, 2018. The Top Tiger Award is given at the Entrepreneurship Summit annually to recognize the fastest-growing companies founded, owned or led by Auburn University alumni.

The award is presented by Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business in partnership with Business Alabama magazine and Warren Averett, LLC, an accounting and advisory firm with offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas and the Cayman Islands. The Top Tigers program celebrates the entrepreneurial success of alumni from each of Auburn’s 12 degree-granting colleges and schools.

Following are the criteria companies must meet in order to qualify for Top Tiger consideration:

• The company must be founded, owned or led (CEO, CFO, presidents, vice president, etc.) by an Auburn University alumnus
• The company must have been in business for at least four full years
• The company’s revenues must be at least $500,000 by the end of the evaluation period
• The company must operate in a manner consistent with The Auburn Creed

Archadeck of Central Georgia was recognized in the Small revenue category, which includes companies with $500,000 to $5 million in revenue during the fiscal year ending 2016. Awards were also presented to companies in the Medium and Large revenue categories.

Companies are evaluated for this award based on year-over-year revenue growth during the span of one fiscal year. The accounting firm Warren Averett, LLC, collects and analyzes the pertinent financial information from each Top Tiger nominee. Final rankings are based on the percentage of the company’s growth during the specified time period.

The highest-ranking Top Tiger in the Small revenue category was Airship, a Birmingham custom mobile app and software development company. The 2nd was Tara Wilson Agency, an experiential marketing firm based in Fort Worth, and the 3rd was Rent Gear Here, a Florida bike rental and beach services firm. Archadeck of Central Georgia was awarded along with 16 other nominees.

Learn more about the other 2018 Top Tigers in the Small ($500,000 to $5 million), Medium ($5 million to $20 million) and Large ($20 million and up) revenue categories.

Become Part Of A Winning Team

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be part of the winning team?

If you have stood on the sidelines and watched as your peers embraced their entrepreneurial spirit and won, Archadeck of Central Georgia challenges you to diversify and take control of the game. Whether you’re considering starting your own business, or wish to expand and diversify your existing company, our unique custom design and build outdoor living franchise model might be the perfect partnership opportunity for you! Just ask yourself the following:

  • Are you ready to enter into a partnership with a proven track record of success?
  • Are you anxious to take control of your own future and start building a business of lasting value?
  • Are you looking for an attractive business opportunity in a popular and rapidly growing industry?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then Archadeck of Central Georgia has a business opportunity that may be the perfect fit for you.

Archadeck of Central Georgia is an established and profitable franchise business with over 26 years of continuous service. Our current sales territory consists of the following cities: Macon, Warner Robins, Milledgeville, Gray, Bonaire, Perry, Eatonton, Kathleen, Juliette, Byron, Forsyth, and Fort Valley.

Archadeck of Central Georgia is seeking a Business Partner/Purchaser to assist in the expansion of the franchise into a new $1 million dollar plus sales territory. The territory of consideration is South Atlanta which includes: Jackson, Hampton, Locust Grove, McDonough, Stockbridge, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Newnan.

The level of investment and ownership is negotiable. I am not looking for a silent partner, I am looking for a working partner heavily involved in sales and construction management.

Who Is Archadeck?

Archadeck is part of the Outdoor Living Brands family of franchise brands. Outdoor Living Brands is a franchise corporation dedicated to the outdoor living category which also includes Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Mosquito Squad, Renew Crew and Conserva Irrigation.

Archadeck began in 1980 in Richmond, Virginia. When it first began, Archadeck was a “decks only” company. After expanding to additional locations in 1985, the company quickly became the nation’s largest builder network, specializing in custom-designed and custom-built decks, screened porches, sunrooms, gazebos and related outdoor living structures.

We believe our competitive edge is our approach to design, with local teams of Design Consultants across North America specializing in creating custom projects for our clients’ outdoor living spaces. Archadeck’s local offices offer the best of both worlds: each local office is staffed by trained professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the local building codes and trends, but every location also has access to Archadeck’s national support network and established manufacturer relations. We’re very proud of the fact that Archadeck is currently ranked as the top deck and porch builder in the U.S. by Qualified Remodeler magazine and is regularly featured on HGTV. Our franchise opportunities have also been featured on CNN Money.

Archadeck’s mission is to celebrate outdoor living by enriching lives through a proven franchise brand. For our valued clients, we do this by designing and delivering beautiful, functional and innovative outdoor living environments that meet their lifestyle needs.

For more information about Archadeck of Central Georgia go to [email protected]. For more information regarding the Archadeck Franchise,

— Stephen Denton, Owner Archadeck of Central Georgia

Archadeck of Central GA Breathes New Life Into Deck and Creates Usable Under-Deck Space, Too

We recently won the undying appreciation of these Wesleyan Court homeowners by doing two things well: we saved them money AND we gave them newly-usable space under their second-level deck.

Redecking: A great look for less

You could say Archadeck of Central Georgia is THE Macon and Warner Robins area redecking contractor. And all of our redecking customers love us because we save them so much money. In this case, as with so many others, the clients’ original deck was worn out and needed to be replaced, but the substructure was still usable. When you have an older wood deck, the decking boards, stairs and railings usually need to be replaced long before the substructure does. That’s because the wood components under the deck — joists, beams and posts — are not exposed and therefore not affected by weather in the way the deck’s surface is.

Not every deck is a candidate for redecking, so before we can commit to that course of action, we need to thoroughly inspect the underside of your deck. If we determine that your deck’s substructure can be used again, we’ll help you decide what material to use for the new deck surface. You can choose wood decking boards again, or you can make the switch to one of the composite decking products on the market now. These low-maintenance products are more expensive than wood but last longer.

For this redecking project, the Wesleyan Woods homeowners selected TimberTech composite decking boards. Specifically, they chose TimberTech’s Terrain Decking in the silver grey color. For their new deck railings, they selected Baroque balusters by Fortress.

To finish out the deck, we added a gate as a safety measure to protect the children. While we were here, we also replaced the doors on the existing screened porch. The homeowners chose special-order aluminum doors to replace the original wood doors.

Dry deck space: Opening up potential under your deck

In addition to redecking at this Wesleyan Court home, Archadeck of Central GA gave the homeowners a usable space under their deck where the space was previously unusable. We accomplished this by installing a TUFTEX DeckDrain system to prevent rain from dripping down through the deck to the ground below. This is one of several ways we can create a dry space under a second-level deck, and it’s great if you want to be able to use that space. Some clients use the new-found space for storage while others use it as a covered porch. We can incorporate the dry deck space into the design for a new deck or we can retrofit an existing deck (or redeck) with the dry deck space as we did in this project.

If you are ready to breathe new life into your tired backyard deck and add years of outdoor living enjoyment, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck of Central GA Builds Display at PMC Building Materials in Macon

Archadeck of Central GA was honored to be asked to build the outdoor decking displays for PMC Building Materials Lower Bay Street location in Macon, GA.

PMC Building Materials serves local area general contractors, remodelers, custom homebuilders, deck builders, homeowners and more, throughout Metro Atlanta as well as the Macon, Georgia markets with construction supplies. They offer an unparalleled selection of building supplies carried in-stock making it more convenient for companies like us to stay competitive in the outdoor living space market.

Archadeck of Central GA built the custom display to provide homeowners a place to see and feel these low-maintenance outdoor living space materials realistically. Instead of making a project decision based on a hand-held sample, clients can see various examples of AZEK, TimberTech, Fiberon, Fortress, EverGrain® and more in a space more conducive to actual deck spaces.

Taking the realistic impressions a step further, Archadeck included examples of design elements such as picture-framing and parting boards that are used as a way to add depth and dimension to low-maintenance deck designs. We even built a custom cedar pergola as part of one of the displays to serve as an example of the amenities which work in unison with Central GA decks.

Having the benefit of an expansive decking material display locally will ensure happiness for Macon-area homeowners. In addition, having these materials stocked locally will help keep our project timelines on schedule and our prices down.

Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more about our custom outdoor living structures and additions. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

A look into the future of Goodwill of Middle GA & the CSRA

As many of you know, Goodwill is a part of the Central GA community that is very near and dear to my heart. I have been a part of Goodwill Industries of Middle GA & the CSRA since 2005. As an active member of their Strategic Advisory Committee, and now in my 5th year as an Executive Board Member, I’m proud that we are putting our 2020 strategic plan for the future into action.

As part of the strategic plan, we have designated committees to help achieve the organization’s plans for capital improvement. Part of the focus of the Strategic Advisory Committee is to plan and budget for the next four years of growth at Helms College, which was developed by Goodwill of Middle GA & the CSRA. This growth, which will benefit the entire community, includes pursuing expansion within the catering genre of Helms College. We’re also planning for geographical expansion with hopes of opening additional schools in Georgia, South Carolina and beyond. You can read more about future plans for Helms College in our blog, Pride and Prosperity; Looking Ahead to the Future of Helms College.

Reflecting on the school’s accomplishments in 2017, Helms College graduated its first class in their new two-year degree program, the Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts. This exciting program was added to Helms College’s existing Diploma programs in Culinary Arts (Macon and Augusta) and Health Services (Augusta). The addition of a two-year degree has led to a substantial increase in student enrollment.

The Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts prepares graduates for executive chef, sous chef and restaurant manager positions. The Culinary Arts Diploma prepares students for restaurant management and supervisory positions. The Helms College School of Health Services trains students for one of three different career paths: Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant or Patient Care Technician.

Two restaurants provide Helms College culinary students with hands-on learning opportunities to work alongside executive chefs, experienced sous chefs and restaurant managers: Edgar’s Bistro in Macon and Edgar’s Grille in Augusta. Edgar’s Bistro has expanded its hours of operation and is now open for lunch and dinner in Macon on Monday through Friday.

Goodwill Industries began with in the early 1900s with the goal to help people learn job skills to create better opportunities for themselves and their families. In that light, Helms College offers high-demand occupation middle-skills education programs for 2020 and beyond that change lives, families and communities—one career at a time. I am honored to be a part of that effort in our Central Georgia community.

Say Hello to This Unique Outdoor Living and Room Addition in Lake Wildwood

One of our most recent projects is also one of our most unique. Unlike the custom deck, porch and sunroom additions we are so well known for in the Macon and Warner Robins area, this addition took us to the garage — literally.

— Before & After

These Macon, GA, homeowners contacted us to discuss a garage addition with a room above for their lovely home in Lake Wildwood. The project would also entail tearing out the existing driveway and installing a new one.

This project was a labor of love for the homeowners. Their love for their lakefront home and intent to stay in the home for the remainder of their lives prompted their desire to add the addition, despite weighing the projected ROI of such an endeavor. After contacting other builders in regards to getting a bid for the project, Archadeck of Central GA was the only builder that listened to them and looked at the project from their viewpoint and provided them with an actual proposal to complete the addition.

The project design speaks to both homeowners, with a spacious garage and workshop area for cars and motorcycles and a sewing room above.

For the garage addition, Archadeck of Central GA completed much of the structural work along with the homeowner. Archadeck took care of all the framing, drywall, siding and finish work. We also tore out the old driveway and installed a new one which included running the water lines to the new addition under the driveway. Archadeck also put the homeowner in contact with a reputable roofer who roofed not only the new addition but also re-roofed the existing home as well. The homeowner installed the floors and supplied the electrician for the electrical work. The homeowner’s son took care of the heating and AC.

The sewing room, located above the garage, provides plenty of natural light for sewing and other crafts and a great view of the lakeside property.

The homeowners are simply elated with the outcome of the project and are looking forward to many years of enjoyment in their newly updated Lake Wildwood home! This project shows Archadeck of Georgia’s depth of knowledge and skill with custom building, and our ability to truly listen to our client’s needs and desires.

Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more about our custom outdoor living structures and additions. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Just ask Santa! It's all about the roof … and its support

It’s that time of year! We get caught up in the holiday whirl of gift-giving, entertaining and sharing special meals. There’s so much going on right now, and if you’re hosting the family’s Christmas dinner, you may be asking yourself, where am I going to put everyone?

Families grow! New boyfriends, girlfriends and babies come along. Maybe this year you’re including a neighbor or church member who would otherwise be alone for the holidays. Will you have room for everyone? Now, more than ever, additional outdoor living space is appreciated.

Have you considered converting your deck into a porch — a screened porch or a covered porch? Either one would give you more seating space for a big holiday gathering. Our Georgia winters are often mild enough that a porch can provide the additional space you need.

You may have had another company tell you how easily they can convert an existing deck into a porch. They may have told you that every deck is a candidate. This is not necessarily the case! Any reputable builder would need to inspect your deck and its substructure thoroughly before deciding whether it can support a roof.

Yes, it’s all about the roof. Just ask Santa! To convert a deck to a porch — either a screened porch or a covered porch (also called an open porch) — we add a roof. Suddenly, we’re adding a good bit of weight to the structure. When your deck was built, was it designed to hold the additional weight of a roof? Most homeowners don’t know whether that was the case.

Archadeck of Central Georgia can perform an inspection to determine whether your deck meets the criteria for a conversion. Depending on the results, we will give you our recommendations as to how to proceed. If necessary, this might include increasing the deck’s structural support to accommodate the increased weight of a porch roof.

— Spacious screened porch in Warner Robins, GA

If the idea of a deck-to-porch conversion interests you, here are some points to consider:

Using a professional

It is absolutely essential to hire an outdoor-structure professional who is knowledgeable about decks, porches and conversions. Hiring a professional ensures the safety and quality of your project. Archadeck of Central Georgia has completed more deck-to-porch conversions than we can count. None of them have collapsed under the additional weight of a roof. We have the experience and expertise you need.

Can your deck take the weight?

Even if the frame of your deck is in good shape, the likelihood it will bear the weight of a roof without additional support is slim — unless it was built with the idea of converting it later. Does the deck’s underlying support structure extend all the way to the corners of the deck? In cases where the foundation does not extend to the corners, new support piers will have to be added in order to safely support the weight of a porch roof.

In honor of the season, let’s put it this way. Your deck would have to be able to support the weight of Santa, his sleigh and nine not-so-tiny reindeer (including Rudolph) to be considered structurally sound to handle the load requirements of a conversion. Here’s how we break it down: the sleigh weighs about 1200 lbs., 9 reindeer weigh in at 400 lbs. each = 3600 lbs. and of course Santa comes in at around 300 lbs. This equals a little over 5,000 lbs. — or 2.5 tons!


Your city or county government requires a builder’s work to be permitted and inspected. This means the existing structure, assuming it passed inspection, was deemed sound — as a deck. Even so, it may not be structurally sound enough for a conversion to a porch. That possibility was not taken into consideration when the deck’s construction initially passed inspection.

— This Roberta, GA, screen porch features a bay-shaped roof!

Most builders only warrant the framed portion of the structure that they build. If something goes wrong with the substructure as a result of the addition of a roof system, their warranty no longer applies. This is why we recommend reinforcing the support structure for all the decks we build.

Some homeowners choose to convert an existing deck into a porch and then add a new deck on to that structure. It’s something to think about, and it’s a project that can be completed in phases if that’s easier on your budget.

Choosing the best fit for your home, your budget and the way you plan to use the space is important. Archadeck of Central Georgia is the premier deck builder and porch builder serving Macon, Warner Robins and the surrounding area. We can determine if a deck-to-porch-conversion is the best option for you. Contact us to learn more by calling (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected]. We would love to talk with you.

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

This Kathleen, GA, Poolside Porch and Deck Combo in Magnolia Hills is Pure Perfection!

This Kathleen, GA, deck and porch in the beautiful Magnolia Hills neighborhood takes outdoor living enjoyment to a whole new level!

When these homeowners reached out to Archadeck of Central Georgia, they had a covered porch in mind to work in unison with their open-air spaces. With a luxurious backyard area that is already home a spa, pool and pool surround, having the added protection of a covered porch just felt like a perfect fit!

We arrived at the home to find an existing deck. Following a thorough inspection of the deck, we deemed that the deck and its substructure was not built in a manner which would facilitate the addition of a roof. So, we tore down the existing deck and began the covered porch and deck combination space from scratch.

— Deck before we began the project

Archadeck of Central GA began the project by installing the necessary footings and substructure conducive to the county’s code requirements. Houston County, GA, requires a continuous footing according to code for every roofed structure or roofed outdoor living project. The new deck and open porch feature Cox 8 × 8 Pressure Treated Laminated Timber Columns with brick columns which match the masonry used on the existing home. Curved brick steps were built to add a gentle descent to the pool surround below. We also matched the soffit and fascia of the new porch to that of the home, as well..

We used PT wood decking for the flooring on both the deck and porch portion of the project. The natural wood decking is accented by black Fortress iron railing for contrast. To keep outdoor items out of sight we also installed a trap door under the deck. The interior of the porch features an open rafter ceiling with beadboard. Archadeck of Central GA had the electrical box mounted on the outside of the porch in order to facilitate a wall-mounted TV and to keep the wires hidden.

If you are ready to add pure perfection to your outdoor living space and years of enjoyment, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia.You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Archadeck of Central GA Updates This Rivoli Lakes Porch With Modern Appeal

Many of the projects we design at Archadeck of Central Georgia consist of improving upon an existing outdoor living space. Whether it is redecking an existing deck from wood to low-maintenance composite, a redesign to better suit the needs and tastes of the homeowner or just updating a porch to add modern appeal, we do it all.

Our most recent screened porch update proves the power of modernizing an existing outdoor living space. Where some builders would suggest demolition and starting a new porch from scratch, Archadeck of Central GA has the knowledge and experience to provide our customers the greatest value with their budget and lifestyle in mind.

This home was built in the 1980’s, as was the existing screened porch. The homeowners felt it was time to remodel and update the space to enhance its aesthetics and increase their enjoyment of the area.

Archadeck of Central Georgia was able to save the substructure of the porch and installed new walls, new beams and a new PT floor. We also installed new doors, new stairs and replaced the screening with aluminum screening. In addition, we also tore out the old ceiling due to a leak and installed a new one. A little framing was required once we opened the ceiling. The new ceiling was finished with beadboard as well. The final aspect of this project was the new PT wooden side deck we added to give the homeowners added open-air space and a perfect place for their grill.

Much like redecking, the first step in determining if your existing porch or screened porch is a good candidate for updated is to have it evaluated by a reputable Macon or Warner Robins deck builder or contractor such as Archadeck of Central Georgia. If the substructure (the base that the porch is built on) is in good shape, you may be able to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars by improving upon your porch’s existing footprint. The key elements we look at during this evaluation are the quality of the original substructure and how it has weathered or degraded over time. We also determine if any applicable building codes have changed since your porch or screened porch was originally built. If we do perform an update, we will make sure to comply with any new codes.

If you are ready to breathe new life into your existing porch or screened porch and add years of outdoor living enjoyment, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia.You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Our Recent Macon Redeck in Westchester Hills Proves the Power of Using a Professional

Here at Archadeck of Central Georgia, we have seen our fair share of less-than-professional deck installations. We have seen everything from decks with little or no thought put into the functionality of the design, to decks that were built using incorrect or subpar materials that have become a safety hazard — you name it, we have seen it and fixed it!

Westchester Hills deck before we began the redecking project.

Our recent redecking project in the Macon neighborhood, Westchester Hills, serves as an example of incorrect installation paired with a cumbersome design.

When the homeowners originally purchased the home in the early 2000’s, they had a deck installed when they moved in. They decided they wanted a low-maintenance deck so they chose to have their new deck built with Trex composite decking. After some time had passed, they noticed that the exterior of the decking boards had begun to mildew. The mildew was an issue that arose from the incorrect spacing and gapping of the decking boards during the initial installation of the deck. The boards were installed with little to no space between them which caused them to mildew. Thus, the homeowner had to use bleach in order to remove the mildew which then compromised the integrity of the boards themselves. Once the bleach began to break down the components of the decking boards, they began to flake and degrade. The use of bleach also degraded the deck railing and skirting as well.

Archadeck of Central Georgia met with the homeowners to inspect the deck and discuss the possibility of a redeck or a new deck. Since many of the original joists were in good shape, we were able to redeck after strengthening the deck’s substructure. One notable element we found during the project was the original deck was secured using zinc bolts rather than galvanized bolts, these were rusted and decayed making the deck a safety hazard.

Along with replacing the bolts and strengthening the substructure we also did a great deal more! We fixed the design of the deck to ensure it landed on the concrete pad below and redecked the entire field with TimberTech Terrain decking in brown oak. The new railing we installed is 2" Fortress iron posts alongside Fortress iron panels.

The new deck is professionally built and solid from the ground up promising these Macon homeowners plenty of worry-free enjoyment for years to come!

If you are ready to breathe new life into your tired backyard deck and add years of outdoor living enjoyment, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Storms on the way? No need to worry about your deck if it's built the Archadeck way!

If you want the sturdiest deck in the Macon and Warner Robins area, you will need to call Archadeck of Central Georgia. It’s as simple as that. We take great pride in designing and building the sturdiest decks anywhere.

Tropical Storm Irma, which recently blew through Georgia, increased the public’s awareness of structural safety. If you have a deck that we built, then you had nothing to worry about — at least with regard to how your deck would withstand that blast of severe weather.

If this sounds like an overblown claim for us to make, let us explain how we back it up. All Archadeck builders are governed by the Archadeck Unified Structural System. This system defines our construction process in great detail. One of the guiding principles is that we don’t just build to code; we exceed local and national building codes.

Here’s an example of how we exceed code: building code says that a deck must be able to support a live load of 40 pounds per square foot, distributed across the structure. The live load refers to the weight of people and furniture as well as storage cabinets, planters, shelves and their contents. “Distributed” means that the people, furniture and additional contents will not all be standing on a single point.

So while a deck supporting a distributed load of 40 lbs. per sq. ft. would be up to code, Archadeck will build your deck so that it supports a distributed load of 60 lbs. per sq. ft. You may call it overkill — until your deck saves your life by not caving under an extra heavy load.

Another example of how we exceed code is a project we’re working on right now in Macon. Archadeck of Central Georgia is building a “man cave” addition within a garage. To be sure this structure is super sturdy and strong, we’re installing steel beams in the ceiling. This exceeds the building code requirements.

Ultimately, we build beyond the requirements and standards of other builders. Several specific building techniques illustrate this point. Whenever possible, we install decking boards diagonally, which increases structural integrity (and adds visual appeal). If the homeowner requests a decking pattern other than diagonal, for whatever reason, we will incorporate a diagonal brace below the deck frame. Either way, you’re getting a stronger deck. While many builders use nails to hold the deck together, we typically use screws or a hidden fastening system, and either of these choices results in a stronger deck.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to choose Archadeck, such as our creative outdoor living designs, professional craftsmanship and attention to details when it comes to finish and trim. All of these contribute to our “wow” factor.

If you want to learn more about the strength and quality Archadeck of Central GA pours into every outdoor living structure we build, contact us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected]. We would love to talk with you.

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

If a new screened porch is calling your name, listen!

Here in the Macon and Warner Robins area, we do enjoy our screened porches. You could even say we fall into two groups of people — those who have a screened porch and those who are thinking about what kind of screened porch they want.

As the evening air starts to change from summer — hot, humid and oppressive — to fall — pleasant, breezy and downright comfortable — it may be a shock at first. We’ve become accustomed to bracing ourselves automatically against the Georgia heat for months. The change will be subtle and gradual, but once it starts, the cooling-off time quickly rolls on into full-on fall.

That kind of weather can make you long for a screened porch. There is no better time to sit out on a porch and enjoy the outdoors (except maybe spring). What’s more, given the mild winter temperatures here, you can enjoy a screened porch just about year-round.

If you add a porch swing or a glider, a glass of iced tea, a good book and a lamp — or some family and neighbors to sit with — even darkness won’t drive you indoors.

On the other hand, if you have a porch with no screens, what may drive you indoors are the insects. We know about some of the viruses mosquitoes can carry. Even more immediate is the discomfort of bug bites and stings. And if you try to eat outside, you’ll soon meet the ants and the flies.

When it comes to pests, there is a huge difference between an open porch and a screen porch. While insects can be beneficial as part of the natural ecosystem, that doesn’t mean we want them flying around our food or biting us for their next meal.

Are you thinking about adding a screened room within your existing outdoor living space? There are many options, depending on what kind of outdoor living environment you already have. Archadeck of Central Georgia can convert a covered porch or even a deck into a screened porch. We can also frame and enclose a patio (or a portion of it) with screening, if that’s your choice.

The best way for us to help you discover potential areas at your home where you might add a screened porch is for us to meet you there for a free design consultation. There is no obligation on your part. We bring the benefit of more than 25 years of experience doing exactly this. We listen to people describe what they want in the way of outdoor living spaces and structures. Then we work with them to design the space that meets their needs. We can show you photos of our past projects as a jumping-off point. You will be amazed.

At Archadeck of Central Georgia, we talk a lot about decks and patios and combination outdoor living spaces. But sometimes all you need is a screened porch. It can be that simple.

If you want a screened porch to enjoy this fall, the best time to call us for a free design consultation is now. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get started on your porch. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

A grand Archadeck pergola transforms this Bonair, GA, patio

In the world of outdoor living spaces, we have the ordinary pergola, and then we have the ultra, grand, magnificent pergola. The photos here show what an amazing difference adding a special pergola made to this walled patio in The Meadows subdivision of Bonair, GA, located in the Warner Robins area.

The homeowners asked Archadeck of Central Georgia to design a pergola that would jazz up their patio. Already quite elegant, the patio is surrounded on three sides by a pierced brick wall with a wrought iron gate. On the fourth side, a sunroom leads from the patio into the home’s interior.

We were willing to accept their design challenge. Looking at the before and after photos, what do you think? Did we succeed? Indeed, we did!

Before images of the outdoor living space prior to the pergola installation.

The pergola we designed to make a statement for this home is freestanding and larger than most pergolas. In fact, it’s so large it’s supported by eight big, square columns. We selected columns made of fiberglass, a low-maintenance material, so the homeowners will not have to worry about repainting them every few years.

When you look closely you can see that four of the new fiberglass columns are set directly into the brick columns of the patio wall. The effect is that the pergola seems to rise out of the patio wall, an extension of the patio design rather than something added later.

For the top of the pergola, we used pressure-treated pine boards. Large 2×10-inch beams support the rafters and slats. The rafters, much larger than those of standard pergolas, are 2×8-inch boards with rafter ends cut in the traditional curved ogee shape. The rafters and slats are spaced so the pergola will provide some shade, but not a lot, since creating shade was not the homeowners’ purpose in adding the pergola.

If the homeowners decide they want to stir up a breeze, the pergola’s four large support beams are spaced far enough apart that they will be able to install fans at any time.

This gorgeous pergola serves to define the patio as the place to BE, rather than just a place to sit. It also unifies the patio and sunroom, turning the patio into an inviting extension of the sunroom. Together the patio and sunroom form a beautiful space equally perfect for entertaining a large group or relaxing with family.

If you have an outdoor living space that needs dressing up, have you considered adding a pergola? Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn how a pergola — simple or grand or something in between — can transform your outdoor environment. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Our recent TimberTech redeck in Macon, GA, leaves "room to grow"

Our recent TimberTech deck addition is located in Macon, GA, within the Brookstone subdivision. When the homeowner reached out to Archadeck of Central Georgia, they were looking to breathe new life into their existing backyard deck. The flooring and railing on their existing deck was in bad shape. In addition, the existing stairway configuration seemed awkward, especially in light of the new paver patio they are planning to install below the deck.

The main goals the homeowners wished to achieve in their new deck were low-maintenance materials and a new stairway design.

Archadeck of Central Georgia set to work giving this deck a true makeover. First, we tore off the existing decking and redecked the entire deck using the existing footprint. We used beautiful low-maintenance TimberTech Tropical decking in Antique Palm. This collection emulates the resort feel and fond memories of all those great vacation destinations you’ve visited! Multicolor streaking and exotic wood grains complement rich, saturated tones, inviting you to relax in your own personal paradise just outside your back door. And, like all our composite decks, the new decking is low-maintenance meaning it never needs to be painted, stained, scraped or power-washed. It will also not warp, cup, split or rot. We also replaced the deck railing using a composite cap to unify the new design and added low-voltage deck lighting to the stair treads.

Taking the design a step further, Archadeck of Central Georgia also removed all the existing lattice skirting that existed from the deck’s original construction and replaced it with cattle wire. This element will allow the homeowner to grow flowering vines upon the wire, adding visual interest and plenty of room to grow ever-evolving seasonal color!

If you are ready to breathe new life into your tired backyard deck and add years of outdoor living enjoyment, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

How hot and humid does it have to get before considering a shade structure for your Macon or Warner Robins, GA, Home

Summers here in the South can be brutal. July is considered the hottest month of the year for the Macon area, with a daily average of 91.8 degrees. We also exceed the national average of 39’ of rainfall as our region receives about 46’ of rain annually. Taking into consideration the heat, and the precipitation means humid conditions that often drive our outdoor living enjoyment indoors on the hottest days. But, this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you have an uncovered outdoor living space such as a deck or patio, do you find it less enjoyable this time of year? Perhaps your deck or patio sees plenty of use during more temperate seasons but sits empty and forlorn during our hot and humid Georgia summers?

Archadeck of Central Georgia, the area’s premier porch builder, does have a solution for you — several solutions, in fact. Our covered porch, screened porch, 3 & 4 season rooms and sunrooms offer something more comfortable than sitting under the nearest tree to cool off.

Covered Porches

A covered porch provides a more comfortable way for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. The roof of a porch shields you from the sun’s harsh rays and keeps you in the dry, but doesn’t interfere with any breeze that might drift by. You’re still in the open air, just not feeling the full scale of the summer heat. You may even enjoy kicking back with a glass of sweet tea and a good book while a ceiling fan helps lengthen the breeze.

Archadeck of Central Georgia can add a roof over your existing deck or patio to convert your outdoor living space into a covered porch. Or, we can design a porch to include a new patio or deck if you don’t already have one. The best of both worlds would be to extend an existing deck and add a porch roof over part of it, leaving a portion uncovered for those times of year when you do want to sit in the sun.

Screened Porches

We couldn’t talk about porches without mentioning screened porches. With a screened porch, you get protection from the hot Georgia sun, and you also gain protection from the nuisance of insects such as mosquitoes. Returning to “the best of both worlds,” you may be most pleased with a combination of two kinds of porches. You could have a screen porch with a roof that extends beyond the screened room, creating an additional covered porch outside of the screened porch. While it may sound extravagant, it is the perfect place to put those rocking chairs to good use!

Three and Four Season Porches

Want to add more versatility to your screened porch? Many homeowners also opt to use a sliding window panel system to make use of their screened porch later into the year and add more options. A convertible window system like the EZE breeze sliding panel system offers you the ability to convert your screened porch into a three or four season room on demand. These systems use sliding glass panels that mimic the function of a sliding door and can be set into place very easily and quickly. By adding a space heater to the structure you can utilize the space for longer periods through even the chilliest season. By using a convertible system on your screened porch you can still feel the warm breezes of summer, and when the temperature drops you have the peace of mind knowing that your screened porch also offers more function with added cold weather protection as well.


Sunrooms serve as an extension of your home’s living area as well as an extension of your outdoor living area. Sunrooms give you full protection from the elements with an unobscured view of nature by the use of numerous windows that sometimes even feel as though they are window walls. These structures can be used year round, snow or sleet because they are conditioned in the same manner any interior room would be, which means they require an HVAC system or instill the use of a wall mounted electric inversion heating and cooling system that offer individual room control. In essence, the presence of HVAC, or heating and cooling system creates a dynamic where you actually are getting a room addition when you choose a sunroom.

If you are looking for shade and interested in seeing how our creative porch and outdoor room designs could work for you, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia today. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Low-to-grade deck rebuild in Macon, GA

I think, for many, there is a misconception that enhancing your outdoor living space has to be on a large scale in order to be effective. This is certainly not the case. Rebuilding or redecking an existing deck can rejuvenate your entire backyard and enhance the time you spend outdoors.

The option to redeck is great for those who want the total makeover experience without the stress and expense of a major renovation. A redeck, whether it is a partial or total project, still gives you a whole new deck, but it builds on what you already have.

Take for example our recent deck rebuild in Macon, GA:

These Macon, GA, homeowners had a wooden deck that was built by the previous homeowner. When they contacted Archadeck of Central Georgia, they only expressed an interest in replacing the floor of the deck. After a careful inspection, we deemed the deck was built incorrectly. This meant that half the deck needed to be rebuilt in order to meet code and considered safe. We were able to save the remaining half through the installation of new beams and posts without the need for demolition.

Granted, the new deck followed the lines of the old one, but jut look at what a huge aesthetic change it accomplished:

We used TimberTech Terrain decking in Brown Oak. We also removed the railing because code did not dictate railing was required. Since the deck is low-to-grade, having no railing give the deck an open and airy feel while providing unobstructed views.

If you are ready to breathe new life into your tired backyard deck and add years of outdoor living enjoyment, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at [email protected].

Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.

Having your deck professionally inspected now could save you frustration and money in the future

What kind of shape is your Macon or Warner Robins deck in?

Deck Safety Month® is observed annually each May. With this in mind, as the month draws to a close, experts at the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) recommend homeowners Check Your Deck® before starting to plan family activities. Here at Archadeck of Central Georgia, we cannot stress the importance of checking your deck enough. For many, Memorial Day signifies the kickoff of the outdoor living season. This means you and your family will most likely be spending a lot more time outdoors, including your backyard deck. Your deck is the perfect place to enjoy warm weather with friends and loved ones. However, a poorly maintained or unsafe deck could possibly collapse, causing serious injuries to you and your guests.

One of our most recent deck rebuilds is underway as the result of such a deck collapse. The homeowner, from Macon, GA, contacted us after his aged wooden deck collapsed while he was on it! The deck had been attached to the home using nails instead of bolts. Those nails had become rusted over time, and the deck band also showed signs of rotten wood. These issues compromised the structural integrity of the deck and led to the deck band pulling away from the home. Thankfully, the homeowner was not injured. During our consultation, Archadeck of Central Georgia discovered the issues which led to the deck failure. We also noted if a deck inspection would have been performed prior to the collapse the homeowner would have saved a substantial amount having the issues addressed and fixed by a deck professional rather than to have the entire structure rebuilt.

This image shows the deck following the collapse.

According to a 2015 study, the number of injuries caused by the collapse and failure of outdoor decks and porches has dramatically increased according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) since 2003. The study analyzed three categories, all involving wood structures:

• decks, porches, balconies and open floors
• railings
• stairs

Based on the statistics from the CPSC, 224,000 people were injured nationally due to a deck or porch in the five-year study period. Nearly 15 percent of these injuries were a result of a structural failure or collapse.

Archadeck of Central Georgia feels strongly about deck safety. We offer a free deck safety inspection to Central GA homeowners. Our inspection covers all the elements that could compromise your deck’s structural integrity. These include inspection of the decking boards, foundation, footing, framework and connections. We will also inspect the supports, joists, post and beams, and more.

If you have an older deck or you inherited a deck of suspect quality, ensuring your deck’s safety requires attention. We pride ourselves on being outdoor living structure experts and part of that expertise is passing on tips and suggestions to homeowners to help ensure their deck is safe. Here are some helpful details that are crucial to ensure your deck is sound. Homeowners can routinely perform these inspections; however, it is recommended that your professional deck builder is contacted at least annually to conduct a thorough professional deck inspection.

Update: Above is a photo of the new deck Archadeck of Central GA completed following the deck collapse.

Contact us for a free consultation. Call us at (478) 745 – 2000, email us or fill out the form below and we will quickly get in touch with you.

This Kathleen, GA, Redecking Project Opens the Gate for Enjoyment!

Out of the many new deck and redecking projects we complete here at Archadeck of Central Georgia none rarely ever encompass focusing on just the deck flooring. Our primary goal with all our projects is to improve the outdoor living experience as a whole for each client we service. Our most recent redecking project in Kathleen, GA, serves as a fine example of redecking with benefits…

When we initially consulted with these Kathleen, GA, homeowners there existing deck flooring was in rough shape. Time, the elements and not keeping up with annual maintenance had begun to take its toll and was evident in the appearance of the decking boards. The homeowners also wanted to extend the deck blueprint to include an area just off the master bedroom. Additionally, they also wanted to create a safety barrier for their dogs to enjoy the deck. After a careful inspection of the deck, we deemed it a viable candidate for redecking as the structural framework was in good condition.

Once Archadeck of Central GA perfected the design of the deck to include the items the homeowners desired, we got to work. We expanded an area of the deck in order to accommodate the deck from the master bedroom’s French doors. The original deck and the new extension was finished with TimberTech Legacy decking in Pecan. Choosing a low-maintenance decking board, such as TimberTech, means the deck will never need to be painted, stained, scraped or power-washed. Nor will it warp, cup, split or rot — leaving more time for enjoyment and less time worrying about maintenance!

In addition to the new composite decking, we also added a beautiful new railing system created with Fortress Iron pickets and a TimberTech rail cap. To quell the desire for the homeowner’s beloved dogs to enjoy the deck, we added custom Fortress iron gates to the space. This means the entire family can now enjoy the backyard in safety and serenity!

If you are considering upgrading or extending your Macon or Warner Robins area deck. Maybe redecking might be the right choice for you. Visit our website to learn more about all our outdoor living space designs, including new decks, redecking and much more!

Call 478-745-2000, email us or fill out the form on this page and we will quickly get in touch with you.

Proof in the Power of Redecking in Macon, GA

Our recent redecking project in Macon, GA, proves the power of eliminating the negative aspects of an existing outdoor living space and accentuating the positives…

This particular project began by using the existing footprint of a well-done DIY deck. The homeowner had built the existing wooden deck some 10+ years back, and structurally, the deck was in good shape. However, over time, lack of maintenance and exposure to the elements had caused the deck to wither and age.

(Existing deck before we began the redecking project.)

Following a thorough inspection of the existing deck, Archadeck of Central GA deemed the structure sound. The only facet not built according to code was the railing. Using the same footprint, we redecked the structure with low-maintenance Fiberon ProTect Advantage decking in Gray Birch. This high-quality decking mimics the look of premium hardwoods and features a 3-sided PermaTech® cap layer for exceptional stain and fade resistance. The solid composite core resists splintering, cracking and decay and is backed by a 25-year warranty.

( Redecking is completed — wow!)

In addition to replacement of the decking boards with the new Fiberon product, Archadeck of Central GA also installed a new white PVC edge band, new railing with white Deckorators pickets and rebuilt the privacy trellis/screen area.

If your backyard deck has seen better days, then maybe it is time to consider redecking as an option to enhance, extend and beautify its function and livability. If the substructure (which is the base that the deck is built on) is in good shape, you may be able to save money and time by redecking instead of demolishing your old deck and starting from scratch. There are two key elements we will use to determine if your deck is a candidate for redecking: the quality of the original substructure and how it has weathered over time. If any applicable building codes have changed since the deck was originally installed, we will make sure it complies with those as well.

Call 478-745-2000, email us or fill out the form on this page and we will quickly get in touch with you.

Pride and Prosperity; Looking Ahead to the Future of Helms College

If you read my Archadeck of Central GA blog, you are probably well aware of my relationship with Helms College. Helms College is an institution of higher education that provides a unique approach to experiential learning and career education. Through intensive career advisement and academic support, Helms empowers students to obtain stackable credentials and launch careers in high demand occupations. As an active member of their Strategic Advisory Committee and now in my 2nd year as Chairman of the Board, we are working towards our 20/20 strategic plan for the future.

Since opening the doors of The Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality in 2006, Helms College has grown to encompass not only The Polly Long School of Hospitality in Macon but also The Augusta School of Hospitality and the new School of Health Services, also located in Augusta. Part of the focus of the Strategic Advisory Committee is to plan and budget for the next four years of growth at Helms. This growth will benefit the entire community and includes pursuing expansions within the catering genre of Helms College and expansion from a geographical perspective with the hopes of adding schools in additional schools in additional locations in Georgia, South Carolina and beyond.

One milestone that is worth mentioning is our most recent graduating class was part of the largest enrollment at Helms College to date and was the first to have students from the School of Health Services walk the line!

Helms College winter graduation 2017

None of the planned growth at Helms is possible without our fundraising efforts. Our team works diligently to plan fundraising events that inspire the community and allow students and staff the opportunity to enrich the skills they are learning. Last year’s Goodwill Gala was held in November 2016 and had one of the biggest turnouts of any Gala to date.

At the 2016 Goodwill Gala

The Goodwill Gala which is held annually in Macon at the Anderson Conference Center also provides students with an extraordinary opportunity to stretch their culinary skills by cooking for and serving the guests in attendance. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their talents for gala guests who see the students’ dedication to their craft up close and personal. Proceeds from this event benefit Goodwill’s academic and career development programs, including the Polly Long Denton School of Hospitality. You can read more about the most current Goodwill Gala at
12th Annual Goodwill Gala to be Held Friday, November 18th, 2016.

I am both humbled and proud to be part of such a wonderful organization. I am looking forward to my continued involvement at Helms and Goodwill as we prosper and nurture the foundation of learning that began in 2006 into the seeds of hope that are giving a hand up to countless lives throughout Middle GA and the CSRA.

What if you chose the Chevy instead of a Cadillac but ended up ordering a Jaguar?

A cautionary tale

Have you ever wanted the Cadillac but purchased the Chevy? It’s easy to justify cutting back on some of the features or requirements that we have for ourselves to be more in line with a budget or because of our “champagne tastes”. With outdoor building, use much caution when taking this path. If a contractor gives you a quote for what you want, it’s a reputable builder and the price seems higher than you thought, there’s probably a reason it is so high. Share your concern with the contractor and ask them to provide insight into the pricing and alternative options.

Although there are certainly a few bad apple contractors out there, for the most part, your project is priced out allowing you to get the high-quality construction you deserve and allowing the contractor to make money doing it. If the price is too high and you begin to cut features, be careful of what you’re cutting. You may end up getting a space that doesn’t serve your needs.

At Archadeck of Central GA, we had a customer who had us provide a quote for a new gazebo. When we provided the quote, the customer decided that she has wanted the Cadillac but her budget only afforded her a Chevy. Instead of asking us to identify money-saving changes to the plan, she found a jackleg builder who claimed they could build a “Cadillac” for the price of a “Chevy”. Halfway through the construction, with 90% of the money, they disappeared! The homeowner asked us to come back to finish the project. Unfortunately the work the jackleg builder did complete was not to code and had to be torn down. When we were finished, our client had a “Cadillac”. However, after paying twice, she ended up paying the price of a “Jaguar”!

This is a cautionary tale. If you know it’s a good builder and you trust them, ask for their insight about project modifications to get more inline with your budget. If their price is significantly lower than the other prices, be assured that you will get what you are paying for — which is a lot less than you are hoping for. An outdoor project is a big deal. It makes sense to build it right the first time.

If you’re considering adding a new custom outdoor living space to your Central GA home, contact us for a free consultation. Call 478-745-2000, email us or fill out the form on this page and we will quickly get in touch with you.

How Much Sun Do You Want On Your New Porch? You pick.

Most homeowners who come to us asking for a screened porch or outdoor room ask for a bright and airy room. A well-designed outdoor room will allow a lot of natural light but will also provide the right amount of shade. It’s easy to forget one or the other when considering the design of a new outdoor room. If you are craving a room with lots of natural light, you will be seeking features that let in a lot of natural light such as a gable roof or wide screened openings. If you have some nice outdoor amenities such as a pool, you may be looking for an adjacent space that provides just the opposite – a good deal of sun protection. As you work with the design consultant for your new space, share lots of information with them. Tell them the different living activities you want to enjoy in your new outdoor room. If you want a room where you can feel the warm morning sun as it peeks over the trees at the first light of day but know you won’t want any direct sun by early afternoon, tell your designer. A good designer knows how to match functional requirements with the correct structural components to make your room perfect for how you want to live outside.

These homeowners were soon-to-be second-time porch owners. They had a screened porch on their previous home in Jackson Lake and wanted to add a porch to this home. Here is what we took into consideration. The new porch would face West but they have enough trees to keep the sun at bay in the afternoons and as the sun comes down. With the roof design of this porch, when the sun gets below the roofline, it also gets below the treeline so they are protected from the hot sun. If they had used a different roof style such as a gable roof, the higher roof would not have allowed the amount of sun protection they desired.

Exterior view of this porch and attached deck

As we continued with the design process, the next consideration was how to best connect a porch to their home. The back of this brick home had a bayed window right next to where the porch would connect. It also had a low house roof requiring a roof connection. We were able to connect the roof right next to the bayed window but made sure to take some extra considerations for rain. As you can see in the picture above, rain runs down the side of the bayed window roof. We added additional flashing and enclosed a small area of the shed roof to protect the porch from streaming or splashing water in the rain. Take a look at the picture below to see how this enclosed porch roof section fits perfectly with the beadboard style ceiling in the porch interior.

Complicated roof connection

Take a look inside the porch. Wide screened openings provide tremendous visibility to the backyard. We did not use pickets below the handrail continuing the excellent visibility to the backyard. The flooring is pressure-treated wood installed on a diagonal for visual interest. Below the floor boards, we always attach screening to keep crawling bugs at bay.

Enjoy your Macon holiday season outside

Speaking of the hot Georgia sun, there is a huge benefit to living in the warmer Southern United States. You may even be able to make some holiday memories outside on your new porch. Grab a couple small space heaters, turn on the fans to move the warmer air around, turn on some holiday music and enjoy the holiday on your new screened porch.

If you’re considering adding a new custom outdoor living space to your Central GA home, contact us for a free consultation. Call 478-745-2000, email us or fill out the form on this page and we will quickly get in touch with you.

If you want a covered deck for your Macon area home, there are a couple of good options

When these homeowners in Providence in Macon GA called us, they had a couple very specific objectives. They had a carport that they were forcing to double as a home for both their cars and their porch chairs. They wanted a permanent spot for their porch chairs and to dedicate their carport exclusively to their cars. Their second objective was to utilize a hexagon-shaped patio cover they had purchased. They knew they wanted a deck and they also knew they did not want to do any regular maintenance such as sanding, power washing or staining.

We built a two-section Fiberon ProTect composite deck for their backyard. The deck encompassed a hexagonal section to house the patio cover. It also included a rectangular section for the times they wanted to relax on their deck unencumbered from a cover. Here in Central GA, we have beautiful and long spring and fall seasons but our summers can become very hot. Many of our customers want a combination space that has both a covered area and an uncovered are.

Above, you can see how their pre-purchased patio cover fits seamlessly with the new hexagonal shaped section of their deck. The family purchased mosquito netting to make sure their indoor/outdoor space includes protection not only from the sun, but also from unwanted guests. The deck railing include narrow-profile dark railings which accomplish two objectives. First, they are very aesthetically pleasing and have a great upscale look. Secondly, the narrow profile and dark color naturally draws your eye through the railing and out onto the yard. Whether they are under cover or on the open section, their outdoor living experience is very integrated with their yard.

Above you can see the hexagonal section of the deck and how well the custom deck and free standing cover work together. The synthetic Fiberon decking is as durable as it is attractive. To ensure bug protection, we put a screen below the deck boards to keep any crawling bugs at bay.

If you’re considering adding a new custom outdoor living space to your Central GA home, contact us for a free consultation. Call 478-745-2000, email us or fill out the form on this page and we will quickly get in touch with you.

Gable? Shed? Flat? Hip? What is the best roof for your new Central GA area porch?

What are the factors and how do you decide?

Gable roof

When homeowners come to us looking to add a screen porch, open porch, 3- or 4-season room or sunroom to their home, one of the first things we discuss is where the room will be and what roof shape it should have. Quite often homeowners request a gable roof atop their new room. A gable roof has a high point and slopes downward in 2 directions from that high point. This effectively makes a triangle shape. It’s reminiscent of the pictures that young children draw where a square represents the house and the triangle atop represents the roof. There’s a good reason for it to be a preferred style. A gable roof creates a vaulted ceiling from the inside. Vaulted ceilings allow more light to enter and pool in the room. If you’re looking for a backyard room or roofed structure addition, you most certainly want a bright and cheery space and this is just one of the roof shapes that will help you accomplish that goal.

Here is the challenge. A gable roof doesn’t work with every home. We love the gable roof for its height but we cannot allow the height of a room addition to infringe on the view from other rooms within the house. If you have a two-story home with quite a few windows on the second story, it’s likely that adding a gable roof room addition on the back of your home will reduce or eliminate the view from those upper story rooms. You do not want to look out of your bedroom window only to see shingles from a roof. When we come out for your consultation, we will look at all the options with you so it’s important not to count anything out until we look at it together.

Shed roof

A shed roof is connected to the house wall and slopes downward from the point of the connection. It essentially creates a half triangle when you look at it from the side. A shed roof option is often used exactly when the above scenario exists. Let’s say you have a number of second-story windows that you don’t want to infringe upon. Often you can attach the roof below the windows having it slope downward from that point. This allows some elevation in the interior ceiling creating a slightly vaulted effect. The ends of a shed roof can be left screened or finished with glass to ensure even more light enters the room.

The porch roof pictured above has a very shallow shed style roof. You can see that the second-floor windows limited the roof options. You can also see that the home facade included a gable on either side of the porch area. Vertical obstructions may not be the only architectural constraint.

Flat roof

Before we start discussing flat roofs, we are going to dispel one of the prevailing misconceptions about flat roofs. People feel that water will pool and stand on a flat roof. Our flat roof designs are engineered to have enough slope and proper draining to ensure that water drains successfully from the roof. A flat roof is a great option for aesthetic appeal, especially here in the south. Residences and structures throughout the south can often have sitting porches along the front, sides or back of the home. Quite often these open sitting porches have a flat roof.

This roof shape is very appealing as you see above. You may suspect from reading this blog that the common factors influencing roof selection are obstructions whether vertically or horizontally. Single story homes also require significant consideration when selecting the roof shape as it relates to being a good fit with the existing roof. We want your new room to look as if it was built with your home. This requires matching the trim and gutter lines. It also includes ensuring the house roof and porch roof complement each other making it appear that the porch or sunroom was always there.

Hip roof

A final option roof option is a hip roof. This roof shape is a more complex option from a construction standpoint. It has a high point and descends down from that high point in 4 or more directions creating a 3-dimensional shape. Selecting this roof shape depends on your goals for the room and is also heavily influenced by the constraints mentioned above. A hip roof may be used to match or complement one or more hip roof elevations on your existing home. Above you’ll see a free-standing cabana with a hip roof.

This roof has a very pleasing aesthetic. A downside includes that it may be a little more expensive because the architecture is more complex than some of the other roof shapes. It’s always important to remember that you’re making design decisions for a room you will use for many years in the future so make sure it’s what you really want.

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Three things about this Kathleen GA Screened Porch you might never notice if we didn't tell you

To start, which part is added and which is new?

Can you tell whether it’s the screened porch or the covered deck that’s new? Take a look at some of the details. Look at the roofilnes, shingles, brick, columns and gutters. The screened porch is the recent addition.

There is quite a difference between the old open porch and step-down deck and the new screened porch deck replacement.

Scrolling back up to the look at the finished picture, you probably would never notice that the brick skirting on the new porch and on the home are not perfect matches. As often happens, the brick used with the original home is no longer available. Working with a local brick manufacturer, they helped us source the closest match but also suggested that we pressure wash the new brick to remove a layer of sand and ensure an even better match. We were happy to do that because we want our structures to look like they’ve always been part of the home.

Now take a look at the picture below. Look at the screened portion in the top right corner. Affixing a new roof to this home’s existing rooflines was quite a challenge. The house had a steep gable roof with the attached shed roof covered deck area. Not only did we want to effectively tie into the existing roof but we didn’t want to compete with the shed roof of the existing covered deck. You’ll want to scroll back up again to look at the challenge of fitting another roofline into the existing configuration.

While looking at the image above, also notice the diagonal decking which lends a tremendous custom look when using traditional pressure-treated wood flooring. It’s important to note that crawling bugs should never be a worry on our porches. We make sure to affix screening below the decking boards to keep creeping bugs out.

In the last photo below, imagine sitting in one of the chairs and look at how well you can see the area outside the porch. Now remember days of old when thick wooden pickets would make it very difficult to see beyond the pickets.

There’s a reason that slender dark-colored metal pickets are popular now. Not only are they attractive but the visibility is astonishing. The dark color leads your eye to what lies beyond. The slender profile minimizes any distractions to your eye.

Not wanting to be limited to just a couple hidden treasures on this porch, also notice the benefit of having a porch contractor that ensures all proper electrical wiring is in place. This ensures you can have the number of ceiling fans you desire along with having outlets for hanging your decorative lighting also.

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Top 5 reasons that picking a deck company with over 25 years' experience is the best choice

We know how difficult it is to select a contractor. We’ve helped our clients make decisions about selecting a contractor for the past 27 years here in the Macon and Warner Robins area. You might think that a lot has changed in 27 years but in reality, the reasons for making a good decision on a contractor have not changed. You want someone highly qualified, with a list of happy customers happy to testify to their experience and it is important to select a contractor with a long and proven track record. We all know that training is more than critical. Training is essential. First and foremost, a contractor you choose must be top notch at their craft. They must also have significant experience of applying this craft and happy customers to show for it.

What is the value of over 25 years’ experience?

  • We’ve been there and done that

Imagine going to a new hair stylist that was well trained but had never cut that length or never put color on a real person. Imagine going to get your car fixed at a brand new shop where the guys are well trained but don’t have much experience working on real cars. We’ve built hundreds and decks and porches in this area over the last 27 years. We’ve used almost every material working at hundreds of different locations in all different neighborhoods. We’ve worked with every type of ground condition, every slope, every drainage situation, new homes, historic homes and even a log cabin. You can be certain that your home is not a training ground and that provides peace of mind. We are tremendously proud that 59% of our customers this year are either repeat customers or customer referrals.

  • We have seen every roofline and attached roof to every conceivable roof out there. Other contractors say they can’t do it

As a roof structure contractor, our job is to successfully add a room to a house where that room was not originally intended. No thought, care or attention was paid to adding on when the house was originally built. Interrupting siding is just one consideration. Flashing successfully is just another consideration. But what about working around bay windows, under second story windows and between spaces with multiple rooflines? We can’t tell you how many times we have been called to a home and homeowners relay that every contractor said a roof connection will not work with their home configuration. We have never met a home we couldn’t work with to successfully connect a porch or sunroom roof.

  • Experience working with deck and porch-building materials

In the custom-building trade, every detail has a story. Every material is not only different in the claims it makes on the marketing packages. It’s different when you actually use it. For example, pressure-treated pine is a great decking option. It’s strong and most often the most economical choice. But what about if the boards are placed too close to each other and the hot Georgia sun gets hold of it? What will happen when abutting boards expand and there is no space left for expansion? In addition to having extensive on-the-job experience working with all different materials, what happens if those materials change over time? Unfortunately we are seeing a phenomenon here in the southeast of the quality of pressure-treated pine degrading. It seems difficult to imagine that a 2 × 4 of pine from 5 years ago is not the same 2 × 4 of pine now. As with all farming engineering, many items are being engineered to grow faster. With that comes less structural stability. These are the types of things a long-time contractor knows, can counsel you about and will be able to notice trends in. We have also had the chance to see the condition over time – ones that are 10 years old, 15 years old, etc.

  • See the real thing, not just a drawing or a conceptualization

Whether you’re planning on spending $5,000 or $35,000, you deserve the chance to see the handiwork of the contractor you select. Seeing an architectural rendering is great. Seeing a 3-D rendering is even better. Seeing that type of structure with those materials on a real house is the best case scenario. Our past customers are happy to provide a tour of their outdoor space so you can see exactly the workmanship you will be receiving on your similar structure.

  • We treat your backyard like it’s a backyard and not like a job site.

We know your backyard is where your kids play and where your dogs bound out to the minute the yard is cleared every day. We pick up, keep sharp things out of the yard and otherwise treat your yard as our own throughout the entire building process. We know it can be uncomfortable having a team of people in your backyard but we make sure that when we’ve left for the day and finished the job, you are rest assured that we have treated your yard like our own throughout the entire project.

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This Macon family knew the importance of doing it right the first time

When we first met with these Macon GA homeowners, they knew they wanted a new deck to overlook their pool. They wanted a great space to fit a table and chairs as well as their Big Green Egg smoker. Looking with some foresight, they also knew they wanted to add to their current sunroom at some point in the future. They had a current deck but wanted to make sure this deck’s foundation could accommodate a roof in the future. In order to achieve that objective, we demolished the existing deck and built the substructure of the new deck to accommodate the additional weight of a roof for the future. Appreciating the importance of doing it right the first time, they were careful to evaluate their future growth plans and to share those plans with us. It is not all too uncommon for homeowners to know they want a porch in the future but also know it’s not in the current budget. Indeed the foundation is a bit different for a deck than it is for a roofed structure. It’s not much more expensive to build extra reinforcement into a deck substructure allowing yourself full flexibility for the future.

They had originally envisioned a bay-shaped deck but decided a more traditional rectangular shape but also a larger size. Also in their original visions of their deck, they considered traditionally sized railing posts. Upon further consideration, they decided to go with a larger and bolder sized deck post with an elegant and attractive cap on each. The deck posts and complimented by black metal pickets to match the rail caps.

Applying the same additional options considerations, they also decided to upgrade to composite decking. This Fiberon ProTect composite decking is low-maintenance and will alleviate all annual maintenance. They will never need to think about staining, scraping, sealing, fading or the other maladies that befall genuine wood. The decking is in an attractive warm chestnut color.

The final very important consideration for this pool deck was the foot traffic from the deck to the pool. They knew they didn’t want to hose down their deck when feet wet from pool water turned into muddy footprints on the deck. Similarly, they didn’t want muddy feet entering the pool. The decided on a very clever footbridge finished with the same Fiberon composite decking to match the deck. Even though the feet leading from the pool to the home will be wet, they will not need to worry about warping nor will they need to worry about splinters.

Even though building a new deck or outdoor living space is exciting with thoughts of what your space will be like that season, it’s also very important to think about how you may want your space to evolve over the years. You also don’t want to look back and wish you had chosen a slightly more pricey material option that would require far less maintenance over the years. Talk to your builder about your current needs as well as your future desires for the space. Let them know how you plan to use the space, how often and with how many people. Good builders are happy to share what they’ve learned after building hundreds of spaces for other local homeowners.

Stephen Denton, Owner
Archadeck of Central GA

These Byron GA homeowners were able to have their new deck on time, and they way they wanted it too

So many times quality is exchanged for haste, but not with this new Byron GA deck. These homeowners were hosting a big event for Memorial Day and had quite a list of things they wanted for their deck overhaul. As a testament to the whole team, which includes Archadeck and the homeowners, the new deck was finished just the way they wanted and was ready on time.

When the homeowners first called us, they had a poolside deck had taken quite a beating. It was aged and had splinters which made walking barefoot a bad idea. What made it worse is the deck served as the path between the house and the pool and nobody wants to wait until they’re poolside to kick off their shoes.

The homeowners had high standards for what they wanted on their deck and they weren’t willing to compromise quality for expediency. For example, they wanted lattice deck skirting but not the ordinary white lattice which can be picked up at any home improvement store. They didn’t have any white trim on their house so white lattice would have looked like a sore thumb. We special ordered almond lattice which required extra time but we made sure to get it delivered and installed in time. In addition, In addition to needing the almond color for the skirting, they also wanted to seal the railing and lattice framing with an almond color sealer. If we used traditional pressure-treated pine, they would not have been able to apply the sealant in time for the party since traditional pine requires about 90 days to cure. We ordered kiln dried wood which can be sealed right away. The family was adamant about meeting their quality standards so we did our job to get the upgraded materials delivered and installed. At the very end, our crew had to work on a Saturday morning to have every last detail attended to before the party. And they did.

Above is a picture of the almond lattice skirting complete with a sliding barn-style door. There was no way to use a swinging door to access the storage area and the pool pump that resided under the deck. Whether a door swung in or out, it would hit something. We designed the sliding door to have a nice wide opening that didn’t intrude on anything either immediately inside or outside the skirting.

For the deck, we were able to create a deck that looked new while still using most of the understructure of the old deck. We did reinforce the support and add some joists but otherwise we utilized what was existing. We added timberTech Terrain in a Brown Oak color for the decking. Take a look at the diagonal decking pattern for a nice custom look to their deck.

With the railing, they were looking for a Chippendale style. In keeping with utilizing as much of the old deck as possible, we removed the center portion of each railing section and added a new Chippendale section. You would never know if we didn’t tell you. We added a TimberTech rail cap that matched the decking. This accomplishes two objectives. First, it ties the deck and railing together. But in addition, the low-maintenance decking board does a much better job of standing up to the sun and standing water which is the beating that horizontal surfaces suffer.

Take a look at the whole project shown in the picture below. We did have to rebuild the entire stair set to get the stairs up to the quality standard. This allowed us to tie in the last horizontal element with the TimberTech by using TimberTech for the stairs.

The project came together beautifully. It was done on time and not a bit was sacrificed in making this happen.

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Feng Shui played a huge part in making this Warner Robins koi deck so perfect

Feng Shui and the art of deck design

Feng Shui is a though system governing spatial arrangement. According to this school of thought, the placement of spaces, walkways and items within the space have a significant effect on how peaceful and enjoyable it is. We had the good fortune of working with these Warner Robins GA homeowners years before in building an Ipe deck on the front of their home. They lived in an area where, like old times, people convened in their front yards to socialize and be part of the community within their street. Knowing the value of a well-placed and high quality space, they knew we would be the perfect people to call when they wanted to build a deck to go with their koi pond in the back of their home.

From the backyard, the family had a set of stairs that ascended to a small landing at the second floor level. This stair set provided access from the main living level to the backyard. The problem was that they never used the stairs. Instead, they used the stair set within the home down to their much used lower level living area. The exterior stair set ended up being an eyesore from both the outside and the inside since the landing deck railing was viewable from the inside.

We suggested removing the stair set and exchanging that door for a window. This removed the eyesore from both the inside and outside and created a much more favorable space upstairs which was now no longer obstructed by the railing.

Next came the fun task of designing a deck on the lower level where they could enjoy their koi pond. Feng Shui played a huge part here too. The deck has a couple levels, each visually distinct by the direction change in the decking. The levels flow seamlessly from one to the other. The koi pond is surrounded with a deck space on 2 sides allowing the maximum viewing space of the pond. Brightly colored furniture furthers the light-hearted and relaxing feel of the space. It beckons you to pull up a chair and stay a while.

The look of Ipe and low maintenance to boot

The family wanted to maintain some consistency and continuity with the Ipe Brazilian hardwood deck on the front of their home but they wanted low maintenance for this deck. Fiberon composite decking comes in an Ipe color that does a good job of complimenting the look of genuine ipe. The color is warm and rich and the boards have streaking to match the exotic unique coloring of the exotic hardwood. The added benefit is that, unlike the deck on the front, this deck will not need to be stained and/or sealed. It will continue to look this good year after year. The 25-year manufacturer’s warranty guarantees that fact.

Also to compliment the front deck, this one has Fortress Iron Baroque railing pickets. They not only compliment the other deck but they also maximize visibility to the yard with their dark color and slender profile.

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The space that couldn't get any better - until it did!

Take a look at this outdoor living space in Milledgeville GA. This local college professor had a great vision for where he wanted to rest and unwind when not teaching at Georgia College & State University.

Milledgeville GA pergola and outdoor kitchen

Archadeck of Central GA built his outdoor living space back in 2010. The deck included the ultimate outdoor kitchen complete with refrigerator, grill, oven, smoker, storage areas, a cook top and even a sink for food prep. The professor knew he wanted a pergola atop. The pergola not only adds a beautiful aesthetic and ambiance, but it also adds a degree of shade. The outdoor kitchen facade is beautifully covered in cultured stone. The storage area doors are custom built with Ipe Brazilian hardwood. This hardwood serves a larger purpose than it’s stunning rich look. Because the doors were near a grill, they needed to maintain a certain fire rating. Ipe is so dense that it maintains a fire rating high enough to sit aside a grill or even to face an outdoor fireplace.

Believe it or not, it gets more beautiful!

Take a look above at the plan for phase 2 of this incredible Milledgeville deck and outdoor kitchen. While the homeowners used the space regularly, they found that they wanted more shade and a larger space. They were wheeling their TV outside to enjoy watching TV outdoors but had to wheel it back in at the sight of rain or at the end of the day. Converting the pergola into roof cover would indeed make their beloved space the space that allowed for all the ways they want to live outside.

Above is a design rendering for their new outdoor space. At Archadeck of Central GA, it’s important that our clients see exactly how their new space is going to look. We not only provide architectural renderings but also show those in 3-d from various views.

As you can see, this space is not only being converted to a porch but it’s also being extended to include quite a bit of additional space. To keep the light and airy feel, the screened porch will have a gable roof creating a high vaulted ceiling inside. The porch will be complete with Fiberon Horizon decking in Ipe color. The new railing will include Fortress iron black metal pickets.

As soon as this outdoor upgrade and remodel is finished, we will bring you another blog with finished pictures. Hold tight to see this space completely transformed.

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There's more than one good reason to do it right the first time

When these Macon GA homeowners bought there new home, they knew they wanted a new deck. The home had an existing deck that had a bit of age on it. They saw from a plaque on the deck that the existing deck was built by Archadeck many years before. They gave us a ring and we went out to take a look at it. We found that they did not need to replace the deck. They simply needed to re-surface the deck. This resurfacing is also called re-facing or re-decking. If the deck substructure was built correctly the first time, it should last for many years to come. The decking boards generally have little defense against sun, foot traffic and the other elements so the decking boards wear much more quickly and also show their age more. In order to get these homeowners a new deck, we simply had to replace the decking.

The original size was fitting for their needs. Code had changed a little since it was originally built but we only needed to add one post to make the current deck up to current codes.

If you have an older deck that you’re thinking of replacing, you may be able to just re-face it or re-deck it. The best way to find out is have us take a look at it. Give us a call to discuss your next decking project. (478) 745 – 2000. We look forward to your call!

To see more Central GA deck pictures, browse through our deck gallery. If you know you’re particularly interesting in a low maintenance deck for your Central GA home, click to view our composite and synthetic deck image gallery. Is a wood deck right for you? Wander through out wood deck photo gallery and note some of our deck designs and materials you like. We can take a look at them together during our consultation.

Stephen Denton, owner
Archadeck of Central GA

Come rain or shine, this Macon Fiberon deck would be done on time

Some say the second time’s a charm. When these Macon GA homeowners called us, we realized they were not new to working with Archadeck. They had worked with another Archadeck office in NC adding a deck to their home in that area. They enjoyed that process and the workmanship so they called us first when looking to add a small deck to their home in Macon’s Providence community.

Their new home in Macon was a town home and there wasn’t much space to fit a deck coming off their porch. There were a couple additional challenges in addition to space. They had dogs that would use the deck to gain access to the backyard so the stairs, even though with little room, needed to be easy to get up and down for all the residents of the home.

There was also one unforeseen challenge when we built this project last fall. Mother Nature decided to dump a tremendous amount of rain in our area. Normally rain does not slow down building very much. It’s always expected that a few rainy days will come and often we can just pick up construction immediately after a big rain. When it didn’t stop raining, we had to build through it. The family was anxious to have their new deck. With visions of US Postmen in our heads, we continued building until the deck was done.

Taking a look at the deck, you’ll notice the beautiful color of the decking and the nice darker colored striation pattern in the boards. Per the family’s request, we selected low maintenance decking in Fiberon’s Paramount line. By the time we were done, their new low maintenance deck was done on time making all the family members happy.

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Which composite decking is right for you? PVC, Capstock or traditional composite?

What is the perfect decking board for your Central GA deck?

Twenty years ago, there were just one or two choices for your deck – pressure treated pine wood or perhaps a wood that was just a little fancier such as cedar. Now there are exotic hardwoods along with a number of synthetic options. Here are some ways to choose the best decking material for your new deck, porch, or other outdoor project.

Do you like to clean, paint, stain and seal? Do you like it a lot?

There’s no way of getting around it. If you have a natural wood deck, you will need to do routine maintenance on it. How routine? Perhaps it’s one time each year. Perhaps it’s every 18 months. But, all wood decks need maintenance. If your deck has full exposure to the sun based on the orientation of your home and the number of surrounding trees, you are going to need maintenance more frequently than others whose deck has more protection from the harsh effects of sun on wood. If your deck is surrounded by trees, that may present the challenge of wet foliage hanging out on your wood deck too long.

Can you get out of cleaning, staining and sealing? Yep. You sure can.

While most choices have a good, better, best selection; with maintenance it’s fairly cut and dry. Wood: maintenance required. Synthetic: no maintenance required. Now this doesn’t mean that drops and splatters will automatically disappear if dropped on synthetic decking. Anything spilled or smeared or sprinkled upon your synthetic deck will need to be removed. If your dog drags mud across your deck, it will need to be cleaned up with water and possibly a gentle sponge. If your hamburger or hot dog share some ketchup or mustard with your deck, you’ll want to wipe them up the same way you would on your kitchen floor.

Assuming you want to go the low maintenance route…

If you’re reading this, you probably are thinking about going with low maintenance decking. If you’ve started to do some research, you’ve probably realized that there are quite a few options. Not only are there different brands such as TimberTech, AZEK, Trex and Fiberon; but there are different types of composite at different prices.

The first low-maintenance board to come out was called “composite” because it contains a combination of synthetic resin combined with wood fibers. As you can image, there are many different ways composites can be made. When it first came on the market 20 or so years ago, it had some problems with mold but those problems are long in the past. Today’s companies have identified the right mix of materials to create a great decking board and it comes with a 25 year warranty. These warranties may differ only a little from one manufacturer to the next but the protections afforded by the warranties protect against material defects and the aging woes of wood including checking, splitting, splintering, rotting or fungal decay. There is one protection that the upper end all-synthetic boards enjoy which is warrantied stain and fade protection. As we noted, if you clean up and wipe away spills and messes, you should not need to worry but for warrantied stain and fade protection, PVC is your best choice.

PVC synthetic decking

If composite is a great option, PVC is the big daddy. As mentioned above, the warranty includes protection against material checking, splitting, splintering, rotting, termite attacks, fungal decay and even warrantied protection against fading and staining. What’s the drawback? You guessed it – price. Because there are no natural fibers, all of these protections can be afforded and warrantied. But the synthetic resin is a good bit more expensive than wood fibers. So, the top of the line product does have pricing at the top end of the synthetic decking price spectrum.

Is there a happy medium?

A product called capstock is a happy medium. Capstock is a composite board capped with PVC so you get the best of both worlds. The price? As you expected, the price is in the middle but not that much higher than composite. Here in Central GA, our recommendation is Fiberon ProTect. Fiberon is a top notch synthetic decking company. ProTect is their capstock board. It meets all the performance standards of a synthetic decking board for a tremendous value.

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Can you have a new deck Macon porch or deck built in the winter?


And you know what? It’s a really good idea. Here are the top 4 reasons you should have your new outdoor space built in the winter.

  1. Less wait time no matter when Spring rolls around in a few months
  2. Less disruptive on your yard and landscaping
  3. Less disruptive to your life
  4. Less expensive

We’ve all been there.

It’s mid May. It’s been warm for quite a while. The kids are going absolutely mad in the house. You have an 80 degree day. You throw the kids in the van and go screaming over to your neighborhood pool only to find out they don’t open until Memorial Day. Guess what? If you have your new porch built this winter, it won’t matter if the first amazing Spring day is February 1st, March 1st or even April 1st. Your new space will not only be completely ready but all the furnishings and finishings will be in place to open the back door and start your your 2016 outdoor living.

Mud and construction don’t go together

If you’re building, you will have more disruption to your yard. Perhaps it’s wheelbarrows, perhaps it’s a Bobcat or maybe it’s just more foot traffic across your lawn. If you have your outdoor construction done in the winter, it gives your lawn and landscaping any time to heal that they need. When you get ready for spring planting, pay no mind to any lawn disruption because it’s already over.

Milk and cookies get old

When you have someone working in or around your home, you probably enjoy serving milk and cookies on a day you know they’ve worked really hard. But after a few days of having those same people working around your home, you are just wishing you could have the privacy in your back yard back. No matter how neat, clean, or kind a crew is; and ours is!; you are anxious to have work completed. This is a whole lot easier in the winter months. The kids aren’t running around the backyard and you are not doing any gardening or outdoor dinners. But when Spring comes around, that disruption will be long over.

Saving the best for last? Yessiree!

Lower prices! As you can imagine, there is less demand on the lumber yards in the Winter. This is the time the supplies are often discounted and we can take advantage of that. In addition to prices being lower in the winter, it’s very likely that materials prices will go up with the first warm weather of the season. Many manufacturers will have annual price increases that are effective in January of the year. Unfortunately, they don’t send out advance notice. It’s always a great idea to begin your project in the winter taking advantages of lower materials costs. Materials are the biggest expense on any job so saving 5% or 10% on materials will make a big difference.

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Stephen Denton, owner
Archadeck of Central GA

Switching out wood for stone and Eze-Breeze windows for screen remade this entire Macon GA porch and deck

These Macon GA homeowners called us and wanted a couple updates on their porch and deck. They knew specifically what they wanted to fix and needed some of our help not only in fixing it but in making recommendations on how to best fix those problems.

Here was the list:

  • replace the screen windows with Eze-Breeze windows to increase the length of time throughout the year they could use their screened porch
  • create a beautiful upscale facade for their existing porch outdoor fireplace
  • fix the flooring problem on the screened porch that was allowing bugs to enter the porch
  • make the deck more low maintenance


Upgrading the Macon screened porch to an Eze-Breeze screened porch

If you’re looking to get a lot more life out of your screened porch, upgrading the windows to Eze-Breeze windows is a great way to go. The Eze-Breeze window system is a 4-track vinyl window system that allows you to fully close each window or to open each window up to 75%. And, you can open the windows either from the top or from the bottom. If your mind’s eye brings up a picture of murky vinyl or cheap looking windows, thing again.

Taking a look at this picture, you’d think you were looking at a Macon sunroom. The windows are clear, super strong, easy to clean, and custom. On this porch, the windows start low to the ground and extend 6 feet up for a wonderfully bright and airy feel on this porch.

Upgrading the facade on the outdoor fireplace was a fun project. They already had the outdoor fireplace but it had a very plain facade and did not have a mantle. We faced the entire facade with stone and added a beautiful mantle. Looking at the before and after, you’ll hardly believe it’s the same fireplace.

Fixing the porch floor

Although it can’t be seen in any picture, porches may have screening to keep flying creatures out but there’s nothing stopping crawling bugs from going through the floor boards and entering your porch. This is why we add screening beneath porch floor boards to keep any crawling bugs from making your porch their home. There is a right way and a wrong way to screen under decking boards to protect from bugs. The screening needs to abut the boards themselves. The former builder had added screening underneath the joists which was a method that did not keep the crawlers out of the porch. Not only did we remove the screening from under the joists but we also added new tongue and groove pressure treated plywood to the floor. Take a look – it’s stunning!

Last but not least was making this Macon deck more low maintenance. We replaced the floor boards with Fiberon Paramount deck and white aluminum pickets. This family won’t need to do any more painting, staining or sealing for their deck and porch that are like new with these updates.

If you’re considering adding a new outdoor space to your Macon, Warner Robins or Central GA area home, give us a call for a free consultation. If you have a space like this one that just needs a few replacements or upgrades, we are happy to help you identify the best upgrades to make your space like new. Give us a ring at (478) 745 – 2000. We look forward to your call!

Stephen Denton, owner
Archadeck of Central GA

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